When is your Child Safe to Begin Resistance Training

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When is it safe to begin resistance training?

It is a common misconception that resistance training in children stunts growth. Many parents and coaches remain convinced that weight training will result in short stature, due to potential damage to the growths plates (epiphyseal plate).

In actual fact, The Australian Strength and Conditioning Association (ASCA) have developed a position stand on youth resistance training, which is in contrast to these beliefs.

At PhysioTec, we believe there is a place for strength and condition in children. We maintain that supervision is essential, and believe that this is an ideal time to condition young developing children and adolescents to a level where there body can not only withstand, but excel in their chosen field.

Are you still unsure?

Well, if a child is ready to participate in organised and structured sports, such as cricket, football, rugby and basketball then they are generally ready to perform a supervised resistance-training program. This will allow them to handle even the most intensive sporting schedules.

Not sure about resistance training for your child? Need some more info or a step-by-step explanation of what to expect when beginning resistance training?

Speak to one of our experienced sports physios, who will help clear up any questions, and professionally guide your child along the way, in a safe and effective manner, with a program specifically designed for them.