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Introducing the TWS Slider LITE

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Providing safe and effective delivery of exercise for rehabilitation and performance

The TWS Slider Lite is a strong but lightweight spring-resisted sliding platform - a compact and affordable alternative to a Pilates reformer.

This device and the accompanying manual of exercises has been designed by one of the world’s leading physiotherapists in the field of hip and pelvic pain, Dr Alison Grimaldi. Alison recognised the superior results achieved with closed-chain* exercise around the hip and yet was frustrated by the lack of availability of this form of training in health clinics and in the home. The TWS Slider Lite is the newest innovation in the TWS slider range, providing an even lighter and more portable version than previous models that have been sold into clinics and homes for over 15 years.

*Closed-chain: exercise where the leg (lower body exercise) or arm (upper body exercise) is in contact with the ground or a firm surface during exercise


Why Closed Chain Exercise?

Muscles around our bodies work in groups called synergies. Around the hip and pelvis there are layers of synergists. The deepest muscles hug around the joints for fine coordination and joint protection while more superficial muscles create power and movement. Some are particularly important for holding your body up against gravity.

Normally these muscles work together as a fine-tuned orchestra to allow efficient function - movement with least energy usage.  Research has shown that deep and anti-gravity muscles are negatively affected by a lack of weight-bearing activity. The health and coordination of these muscles are also affected in those with joint and tendon pain. Muscle synergies then change their natural behaviour and efficiency - this is often referred to as muscle imbalance.

Closed-chain exercise allows optimal stimulation of deep musculature and anti-gravity muscle systems. This helps restore normal function and efficiency, improving performance and reducing pain.

What does TWS stand for?

TWS stands for Targeted Weightbearing Strengthening.  The TWS-Slider Lite provides targeted strengthening of the trunk, lower and upper body in a way that promotes optimal 'balance' within muscle synergies.

Who it helps:

The TWS Slider-Lite is ideal for:

  • Injury-recovery & rehabilitation
  • Athletes seeking strength and performance improvement
  • Anyone who suffers with chronic musculoskeletal pain
  • Individuals in high-risk groups looking to reduce risks of future injury and degeneration



➢    Light yet strong with aluminium construction

➢    Ultra-smooth sliding system

➢    Compact and portable

o   Weight: 10kg

o   Dimensions:130cm long, 34cm wide, 16cm high

o   Wheels and handle for easy portability

o   Easily stored in compact spaces

➢    Low to the ground increasing safety for standing exercises

➢    Spring resistance allowing safe application of higher loads

➢    Suitable for all, from athletes to elderly people

➢    Australian designed and made

➢    Comparatively low cost

➢    No Pilates training required

➢    Includes comprehensive instruction and exercise manual

The TWS Slider Lite is $1799 AUD plus freight. Shipping is available worldwide. Please fill in your details below to receive a quote for delivery to your location.

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