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Avery Wu

Avery Wu

Avery is a member of the Pilates team at Physiotec Physiotherapy. She is a fully qualified Pilates instructor with a Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction from Pilates International Training Centre (PilatesTIC). Avery is trained across all Pilates equipment and familiar with working in a gym environment. In 2021, she will be completing her final year of a Bachelor of Clinical Exercise Physiology degree at QUT.

Avery is passionate about the Pilates method and teaching it to help her clients improve their health and wellbeing. With her background in Exercise Physiology she is a firm believer of exercise is medicine and using it to manage and treat a wide array of chronic health conditions. In her teaching, she works with clients on achieving their goals and applies the principles of exercise progression to their programs.

Having experienced on-going back pain since her teenage years, Avery began her Pilates journey through her physiotherapist at the time. Since experiencing the long-term benefits of Pilates and exercise, it inspired her to pursue a career in Pilates and allied health to help others experiencing similar circumstances. Avery enjoys working with clients of all ages, especially in the area of active ageing.