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Maria Yee

Maria Yee

Maria graduated Physiotherapy with first class honours from the University of Queensland in 2013. She began her physiotherapy career in the public system, and has experience rehabilitating cardiorespiratory, orthopaedic, neurological, critical care, and geriatric conditions. She then specialized in musculoskeletal and sports injuries within the outpatients department, mentoring younger staff and supervising physiotherapy students. Since leaving the public sector, Maria has worked in physiotherapy clinics in Singapore, Newcastle, and Brisbane, treating musculoskeletal and neurological conditions across the lifespan, from sporting injuries to post-surgical rehabilitation, as well as participants under the NDIS.

Maria Yee has 8 years of experience working across all ages and disciplines.  She has special interests in dance conditioning and rehabilitation, hypermobility, and clinical pilates.  Maria is Clinical pilates certified and is happy to provide individual or small group supervised clinical pilates sessions.  She can also provide dry needling services.

April Meggs

April Meggs

April completed her Bachelor of Physiotherapy with Honours at the University of Queensland in 2008, followed by a Master of Arts in 2010.

April has worked with and treated a diverse range of patients in private clinic and hospital settings for over 10 years. She is passionate about genuinely listening to patients with hypermobility in order to help them achieve personal health goals and be their best self. Her extensive experience includes:

    • Providing physiotherapy treatment in medical and surgical wards, as well as post-op, cardio-respiratory, and orthopaedic wards
    • Teaching clinical pilates, with specialist focus on antenatal and postnatal clients
    • Using Western dry needling to complement manual therapy and aid in patient recovery.

April regularly engages in professional development to ensure her skills and knowledge are up to date with latest evidence-based practice. She has recently completed an Explain Pain course and also a Level 1 Women’s health course. She has regular training and mentoring sessions with Sharon Hennessey, the principal of Not Just Bendy.

Lucy Yan

Lucy Yan

Lucy Yan

Lucy completed her Bachelor of Physiotherapy with Honours Class I at the University of Queensland in 2008, followed by Master of Physiotherapy in both Musculoskeletal and Sports, 2012 and 2013 respectively. Lucy has comprehensive experience in a variety of health care settings. Her community exposure includes post-operative rehabilitation (specialist upper limb clinic), orthopaedic wards in hospital settings, workplace ergonomics management as well as residential aged care. Lucy has also worked extensively in private practice and regularly includes therapies such as clinical pilates, western acupuncture and dry needling in her rehabilitation programs. Lucy is currently available for home visits and telehealth consultations, in additon to her regular in-clinic consultations.

Lucy Yan is motivated in aiding clients with hypermobility in achieving their best health outcomes. She is also passionate about delivering a patient-centred approach with a myriad of treatment protocols, individually tailored for each client. As a result of this passion, Lucy is continually investing in her professional education and is currently enrolled in the 2021 Allied Health Professionals ECHO program, which focuses on the many symptoms and issues associated with the Ehlers-Danlos syndromes and hypermobility spectrum disorders. She also attends regular training and mentoring sessions with Sharon Hennessey, the lead Physiotherapist at Not Just Bendy.

In her spare time Lucy is an avid foodie, and relishes the great outdoors. She enjoys being physically active, either at aerial yoga or badminton.

Belinda Breust

Belinda Breust

Belinda is a highly qualified, dedicated and motivated physiotherapist with fifteen years of experience.

Belinda is excited to bring her advanced skills in movement analysis, muscle assessment and exercised based rehabilitation to complex hypermobility clients and those with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome.

Belinda Studied a Masters of Physiotherapy at Griffith University and went on to consolidate her physio skills in orthopaedics, cardiac, neuro and rehab at some of the major hospitals throughout Tasmania (RHH) and Victoria. (RMH, RCH).

On making the change to private practice, it was here where Belinda was introduced to Mechanical Diagnostic Therapy (MDT) and appreciated its very mathematical approach to diagnoses and treatments. She went on to further studies in MDT and passed her credentialing exam in 2010. This is also known as the McKenzie Method.  She has since used this treatment method to great success for mainly spinal conditions of the low back and neck.

Belinda also furthered her studies through Dance Medicine Australia (DMA) to become a Clinical Pilates Clinician. She was quick to incorporate this specific form of exercise into her rehabilitation of clients, realising how beneficial a specific and targeted program can be to clients suffering from pain and disability. It was during her time in Melbourne that she became Director of a very successful Clinical Pilates clinic that used solely Pilates based rehabilitation (with a few exceptions) to treat clients.

As a dancer in a previous life, Belinda has developed her special interest in dance medicine and consequently worked with a lot of very “bendy” subjects. Belinda has completed training in extreme mobility and how to control and manage these features in hypermobile clients during exercise. Belinda has worked with consultants from the Australian Ballet and gained a huge appreciation for how exercise prevention and rehabilitation can work to provide a strong and functional body. She enjoys using her keen observation and skilled rehabilitation techniques to mould broken bodies back to good health.

Belinda has been a member of the APA since graduating and has been an active participant in APA professional development both as a recipient, as a lecturer and a course coordinator for the Dance Network, a special chapter group within the APA.

In her spare time (wait! Did I really say that?) she enjoys dancing, playing with her two young children, camping and exploring the beautiful outdoors in any way possible.

Marlisa Kwan

Marlisa Kwan

Marlisa Kwan

Marlisa Kwan is part of the Not Just Bendy Hypermobility Services team located inside the PhysioTec clinic.

Marlisa is passionate in helping assist any client who has hypermobility in becoming their best and strongest self. Marlisa caters her treatment towards each individual’s goals and aspirations, utilizing:

  • through assessment including video assessment of posture and common movement patterns
  • specific advice/strategies on hypermobility related issues including energy conservation, pain management, POTS/dysautonomia and joint protection
  • specific, individualized, exercise program including electronic delivery of the program to an app on your phone or computer
  • hands-on techniques of massage and gentle joint mobilisation.

Marlisa completed her Bachelor of Physiotherapy at the Australian Catholic University in 2018 and she began her career as a Community Physiotherapist delivering therapy to a wide range of clients of all ages within a diverse scope of practice including:  neurological, musculoskeletal, hydrotherapy, gerontology, cardiorespiratory and mental health patients.  Through this exposure of treating clients in the community (including those funded through the NDIS), Marlisa has developed a special interest in rehabilitation and assisting each person through their individual journey.

Marlisa is available for home visits and telehealth consultations to take the stress out of organizing transport to the clinic. She is even willing to come to your home and assist with a hydrotherapy program in your own pool (reasonable weather permitting).

Marlisa is continually active in developing her professional experience. She has completed an Introduction to Vestibular Rehabilitation course and attends regular training and mentoring sessions with Sharon Hennessey, who is the Not Just Bendy principal.

Marlisa utilises the real-time ultrasound to access the timing of muscle control around the abdomen, pelvis and pelvic floor for real-time feedback to her clients about which muscle they are targeting. She is also able to assist with reporting for NDIS for her clients including NDIS applications, planning meeting reports and special equipment requests.

Marlisa is also available after school and on Saturday mornings to assist families with hypermobile school age children/teenagers with both individualized treatment and supervised programs in the gym.

In her spare time Marlisa enjoys spending her spare time outdoors: hiking, at the beach or on any adventure with her two dogs.

Dr Xiaoqi Chen

Dr Xiaoqi Chen

Dr Xiaoqi Chen


Special interests in neck, back, hip, shoulder & arm pain, Hypermobile Spectrum Disorder (HSD) and Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) 

Chen is from Singapore and has been a physiotherapist since 2009. She completed her PhD at the University of Queensland in 2017, which studied the risk factors associated with neck pain, and the impact of workplace-based interventions on neck pain in office workers (2017). Her passion to bridge the gap between research and clinical practice is manifested in her publications related to exercise and ergonomic interventions and sensorimotor dysfunction. Altogether, Chen has co-authored 10 publications in the manual therapy, physical therapy, and occupational health journals. Chen is also a casual clinical tutor, examiner, and guest lecturer to physiotherapy students at the University of Queensland since 2014.

Chen’s clinical interests are as follows:

  • Hypermobile Spectrum Disorders (HSDs)
  • Hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (hEDS)
  • Ehlers- Danlos Syndrome (EDS) and Connective Tissue Disorders (CTDs)
  • Neck, back, shoulder and arm pain, including but not exclusive to:
    • Cervicogenic headaches and dizziness
    • Whiplash and associated disorders (i.e. dizziness, headaches, visual disturbances)
    • Concussion syndrome
    • Thoracic outlet syndrome
    • Nerve impingement, neuropathies, radiculopathies, disc-related pathologies
  • Hip pain, including but not exclusive to:
    • Hip impingement syndromes
    • Lateral hip pain – bursitis, tendinopathies
  • Work-related injuries (Workcover claims)
  • Complex, car accident-related injuries (Compulsory Third Party, CTP insurance claims)

Starting of the year 2020, Chen is involved in Project ECHO  (Group 3B) launched by The Ehlers-Danlos Society and led by Consultant Rheumatologist and Acute Physician, Dr Alan J Hakim.  Project ECHO is a telemedicine program that involves health professionals from all around the world to share knowledge, expert updates and have case-based discussions on EDS and HSD. Later in the year, Chen will be involved in the Allied Health Australia ECHO program.

Chen & our Not Just Bendy lead, Sharon Hennessey, are involved in regular focus group meetings to create and improve patient handouts, discuss case studies and share knowledge on the latest evidence-based practice strategies. In addition, fortnightly in-service sessions are held by our clinic lead, Dr Alison Grimaldi for ongoing professional training and learning.

A combination of advice and education, real time ultrasound (RTUS), electrical muscle stimulation, strapping/taping, dry needling, Clinical Pilates, exercise prescription and manual therapy techniques are utilised in her practice. Chen continually improves her practice by keeping up with the latest technology, skills, and research. In her free time she enjoys walking her Kelpie Cross, bike riding, reformer pilates, and rock climbing.

More information can be found at Chen’s website/blog:

Sharon Hennessey

Sharon Hennessey

Sharon Hennessey

Sharon completed her physiotherapy degree, a Bachelor of Physiotherapy with concurrent research-based honours, at the University of Queensland in 1997. In the first five years of her career, Sharon worked in a diverse range of physiotherapy special interest areas including general hospital medical/surgical, intensive care, burns, paediatrics, women’s health, neurology, rheumatology, amputees, orthopaedics, hydrotherapy, inpatient/outpatient neuro-rehabilitation, gerontology, palliative care and musculoskeletal outpatients. Sharon has worked in major teaching hospitals in Brisbane, Australia and London, England as well as smaller rural based clinics and urban practices.

As well as working in various hospital facilities, Sharon worked concurrently in musculo-skeletal outpatients/private practice for the first eight years of her career. In the more recent 12 years of her career she has worked solely in Brisbane in private physiotherapy practices and has been working at PhysioTec with Dr Alison Grimaldi since 2010.

She has extensive experience in the management of hip, pelvic, spinal and shoulder pain and developing targeted rehabilitation programs and teaching pilates, use of real time ultrasound for muscle recruitment training, integrated dry needling approaches and more recently added the Compex muscle stimulator to her rehabilitation strategies.

Sharon has a special passion for treating those with Hypermobility Spectrum Disorder and Hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. She has recently attended Ehlers-Danlos conferences in the USA and Sydney. Her primary aim is to achieve meaningful functional and quality-of-life improvements for patients with individualized and paced exercise programs. Sharon uses a problem-solving approach to achieve goals and improve function in this often-complicated group of individuals. As the Hypermobility Team Leader at PhysioTec, Sharon mentors other team members regarding evidence-informed care for this group of people. She is always interested in fostering relationships with other professionals who have a special interest in this field of connective tissue disorders.

Sharon believes that a broad knowledge base is paramount in understanding her clients who present with a multi-faceted issue. With this in mind, Sharon is very proactive with her approach to regular professional education, reviewing clinical research and adapting her treatment approach appropriately as new evidence emerges.