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Tyler Cultum

Tyler Cultum

Tyler came to Australia three years ago all the way from Canada and has been a great international asset to the Physiotec team. Tyler was fortunate to have trained at the University of Queensland where he received his Masters in Physiotherapy Studies.

Prior to studying physiotherapy, Tyler worked as a Firefighter in rural BC, Canada, while completing his undergraduate degree in Human Kinetics – the study of movement and forces occurring during movement.

Professionally, Tyler has built an interest in strength and conditioning, sports injuries and rehabilitation working with both adult and youth teams. He has a special interest in hip, shoulder and back pain and injuries. Tyler can provide running assessments to screen for issues that may be contributing to running-related pain, to reduce the risk of future or recurrent injury and to improve performance. He also has technical skills to provide advanced screening and benchmarking assessments for strength and performance using forceplates and dynamometry. These specialised assessments assist in providing clear data to track improvements in strength, power and performance.

Tyler also has experience with assessing dizziness and providing treatment for Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV).

Tyler’s personal interests also include exercise, attempting triathlons and beach volleyball since coming to a warmer climate. Finally, a sense of community has always been important to Tyler and making connections through the communities in which he lives and works.