What is hypermobility and how can a physio help?

What is Hypermobility? How can a physio help?

May is Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) awareness month and as this is something that we see at PhysioTec very often, the timing is perfect for a blog on this topic. EDS refers to group of connective tissue disorders with at least 13 different subtypes. 12 of these types are very rare and one is far the…

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Hypermobility and Injuries: What is their Relationship?

Are you on the bendy side, when it comes to flexibility? While being flexible has many perks, extra stretchy collagen also brings with it some challenges. Hypermobility has been linked with higher rates of joint and nerve pain, and hypermobile people are more likely to develop persistent pain. Do you find it seems to take…

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