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Snow-Fit Classes

Snow-Fit Classes
Wednesdays 6:15pm

Sports Medicine Australia recommends skiers and snowboarders participate in pre-season conditioning to improve fitness, strength and flexibility. If you are used to sitting at a desk most of the day, sustaining a semisquat position for a large part of your day on the slopes can be a shock to the system. Being underprepared can affect your risk of injury, your enjoyment, time on the slopes and of course your skiing or snowboarding performance.

Sustaining an injury while you’re away can certainly put a spanner in the works for your normal work or sporting commitments. Prevention is definitely a better option, and you will enjoy the snow experience so much more if you are well prepared.

45 minute classes
$25/session or $138 for a 6 pack

10% discount for you both if you bring a friend or family member.

If a morning session would suit you better, or you would like to work out twice a week, let us know.

Strategies for Reducing Injury Risk and
Maximising Time and Performance on the Slopes
Improve your fitness & quads and gluteal endurance

Fatigue has a significant effect on co-ordination and control of movement. Research has demonstrated conclusively that you are more likely to get injured when you are fatigued.

Building the endurance of your hips and thighs is strongly recommended to help keep you safe and on the slopes longer. (It’s a crime to sit in the chalet when the sky is blue & the snow is pristine, just because your thighs couldn’t hold out!)

Start today by performing a wall squat while you clean your teeth – gradually build up how long you can sustain the squat (as long as this gives you no pain besides the muscle burn).

Improve your
strength & agility

Good strength in the hips, legs and core and high levels of agility give you a huge performance advantage, improving your ability to negotiate jumps and turns.

Being able to quickly respond to an unexpected situation such as avoiding an obstacle or another out of control skier may also mean the difference between a ‘nearly story’ and months of rehab and time off work.

Warm Up and
Cool Down

While it’s tempting to just jump straight on the ski lift at the start of the day, and head straight to the chalet after a day on the slopes, a proper warm up and cool down will help reduce injury and soreness, so you are ready to go again the next day.

Spend 10-15mins at each end of the day doing some low intensity exercise such as walking and stretching. These are best performed within 20 minutes of your activity for best effect.

For more information, download this fact sheet from Sports Medicine Australia.


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