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Running Assessment

Injured runner Are you struggling to keep running due to nagging injuries?

Are you returning to running after a period of rest for a traumatic or overuse injury?

Do you want to improve your running performance?

Many people rely on running for their physical and/or mental health, but poor technique may result in injuries that continually interrupt training. For others it is all about performance, running faster and further, but again poor technique may hold them back when they are capable of so much more.

Marathon running, triathlon and ironman events are becoming more and more popular in Australia. The number of competitors in Marathons in Australia has risen from 87 runners in 1909 to 20,000 runners in 2014.  Numbers of females and athletes over 40 years of age participating in running, triathlon and ironman events continues to grow.  Running provides great health benefits, an opportunity to reach physical goals and to feel the contentment of achievement and it also allows flexibility in training hours and structure. However, running is a repetitive sport exposing joints, muscles, tendons and bones to an accumulation of load. Poor biomechanics and movement dysfunction can contribute to the development of overuse injuries. Most injuries occur in the lower limbs – hips & pelvis, knees, shins, ankles and feet.

At PhysioTec, our physiotherapists have a special interest in movement analysis, injury rehabilitation and prevention, all with the ultimate aim of getting you back on the road or the trail, and keeping you there.

Running Assessments include:

  • Musculoskeletal Assessment of the foundational physical skills and attributes required for optimal running technique
  • Video Analysis of Running Biomechanics
  • ViMove analysis – a state of the art technology using wireless accelerometers and specialised software to provide specific data on running parameters and loading rates. PhysioTec is one of the only clinics in Qld to be able to offer this exciting new technology.

Your physiotherapist will evaluate and collate results obtained from the physical assessment, video analysis and ViPerform data, and devise a plan of intervention for injury rehabilitation, safe return to running after injury and performance enhancement.

As appropriate for your situation, we can also communicate with any other health or sports professionals involved in your management – providing reports, video reviews and recommendations to your whole management team, and working with your coach to achieve your skill and performance goals.