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We believe in providing one on one care to focus on your needs and goals.

Physiotherapists use hands-on techniques (mobilisation and massage), movement analysis and re-training and exercise prescription to restore or enhance physical function.

PhysioTec physiotherapists are highly trained to address musculoskeletal issues that may have been present since birth, or developed subsequent to accident, injury, or degenerative changes. We can help you overcome or more effectively manage pain, stiffness and mobility issues, working with you to restore your ability to return to work, sport, or a better quality of life.

For many, the postures adopted in sitting and standing, and movement patterns used in work, sporting, and social environments contribute strongly to ongoing pain and dysfunction. At PhysioTec we do not believe in a ‘band-aid’ approach, where short term relief is provided but the problem keeps returning. While we do provide early hands-on techniques to make you feel better as quickly as possible, we like to get to the bottom of what factors have predisposed you to this problem, and other compensatory factors that may be prolonging the issue.

Based on a detailed and holistic assessment, you will be provided with important education and advice regarding key drivers and an individually tailored exercise and management plan.

We use evidence based treatments, cutting edge technology and high quality hands-on and exercise techniques to help you improve your quality of life or your athletic performance.

Hip, groin and pelvic pain

This is an area of particular expertise for Dr Alison Grimaldi & the physiotherapists of PhysioTec Physiotherapy. All PhysioTec staff have had extensive training with Alison in the management of conditions in this area. Because our clinic also attracts large numbers of clients with problems in this region, all our physiotherapists have had a much higher level of experience with these conditions than a generalist clinic.

Musculoskeletal Pain & Injury

  • Spinal issues eg. low back, thoracic and neck pain – We see many patients with chronic lumbo-pelvic pain and work closely with pain specialists to optimise longer term outcomes from interventional pain medicine such as injections and neurotomies.
  • Acute injuries eg. ligament sprains, muscle strains – Our sports physiotherapists are well trained to deal with all acute or sporting injuries.
  • Chronic injuries eg. arthritis
  • Headaches
  • Post-surgical rehabilitation after arthroscopies, reconstructions, fracture fixation
  • Neural tissue (nerve) pain and mobility issues

Hypermobility Read More

We have physiotherapists with a special interest in assisting hypermobile clients with the complex issues that often accompany these conditions. Generalised strengthening/exercise programmes are often not well tolerated by people with hypermobility. Our specific and individualised approach is tailored to improving your quality of life whether that means helping you get back to work, back to sport or back to family outings. Don't let hypermobility control your life.

Women’s Health and Continence Issues Read More

Urinary leakage and heaviness of the pelvic floor are NOT normal. Many women believe that these issues are just a part of everyday life and do not realise that there are physiotherapists who have undergone specialised training to help women with bladder and bowel issues and pelvic pain. Don't wait any longer. Our women’s health physio, Irene Li, can help you make a change today.

Biomechanical Assessments for Running Read More

Many people rely on running for their physical and/or mental health or for their income, but poor technique may result in injuries that continually interrupt training. Our physiotherapists provide specific biomechanical and running assessments using state-of-the-art ViPerform technology to provide you with a tailored programme to optimise your running technique, keeping you on the track and maximising your performance outcomes.

BikeFits and Biomechanical Assessments for Cycling  Read More

A bike fit and cycling specific biomechanical assessment performed by an experienced cycling physiotherapist will improve your comfort on your bike and help you maximize your power output. So whether its pain-free cycling or improved performance you are after, book an appointment to see Eric today.  Got a new bike? Come and have a bike fit before you clock up too many k's and a new injury on an ill-fitting bike.

Rehabilitation and Advice for Return to Sport

There is often a large gap between rehabilitative exercises and return to sport. We will provide you with sport specific drills and advice on monitoring and progressing your training loads. This is critical in the prevention of re-injury or the development of a new problem as you return to your chosen sport.

Work Ergonomics

Our physiotherapists can provide advice and conditioning exercises to help you maintain optimal posture or form throughout your working day. Having adequate strength and endurance in specific muscle groups can make a huge difference in your ability to avoid postural aches and pains. At the other extreme being too rigid or tense at work is just as problematic. Specific cueing and simple on-the-job relaxation techniques can be very effective. Have an active job? Learning to move well and lift well will keep you safer at work.

Post Cancer Treatment Read More

The cancer experience is extremely challenging emotionally, psychologically, spiritually and physically. Julie Allen, a cancer survivor and highly experienced physiotherapist has developed a unique programme that offers tailored exercise and advice and the opportunity to become involved in a supportive group environment. This programme can have positive impacts on all aspects of your life.

Cutting Edge Technology

At PhysioTec we invest in cutting edge technology to provide you the very best in care.

  • Real Time UltrasoundRead More

    We have 4 Real Time Ultrasound machines, over $100,000 of advanced imaging technology, allowing our physiotherapists to assess and help you retrain the deep musculature around not only your spine, but your hip, shoulder, knee and foot, optimising muscle support and joint protection. These advanced skills and access to such equipment are rare.

  • Dynamometry

    Grip strength and hand held dynamometers allow us to more objectively assess your strength and set goals of treatment.

  • Vi-PerformRead More

    This state-of-the-art technology uses accelerometers, EMG and specialised software for many different assessment and retraining purposes including lumbar spine and running analysis, with more applications becoming available all the time.

  • Video analysis

    We use specialised apps to record your running or specific movement technique. From here we can provide very specific feedback to assist you in improving performance of the task.

  • Wii Balance Board

    Wii balance board technology is available for use in the gym for a fun way of gaining feedback about weight transference and balance.

High skill levels

All of our physiotherapists are fully qualified and well experienced with high skill levels.

Our physiotherapists have either Masters level qualifications and/or an area of special interest in which they have undertaken further study. We regularly work together as a group to further and share our skills.

One-on-one care

You will not be left in a room on a machine while your physiotherapist attends to one or more other patients. Your treatment session will be booked for either 30 or 60 minutes and that whole time will be dedicated to you.

Evidence based treatments

At Physiotec we have a strong culture of keeping up to date with the latest research and ensuring our treatment approaches are supported by scientific evidence.

Our physiotherapists regularly attend conferences and courses, and feed back to the group in our weekly 90 minute in-house training sessions.

We also have guest speakers – doctors or other physiotherapists that visit us and share their knowledge on a variety of topics.

Infrared Sauna

Our far infrared sauna on site is available for use with gym membership or casual visits to ease your aches, pains and tension and enhance your recovery from sport or exercise.

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patient-centred approach

We believe it is paramount to listen to the needs of each individual – how this problem is impacting on your life and what are your main goals. We want to know how we can restore or improve your quality of life.

Mentoring & collaboration

Have a tricky problem? Your management may require a team approach.

Dr Alison Grimaldi has a strong mentoring programme, spending time with each of the PhysioTec physiotherapists on a regular basis to discuss difficult problems, or to see a client together. The lines of communication are always open between Alison and her physiotherapists, and between our physiotherapists who each have their particular areas of expertise. We also have close ties with medical professionals who we work closely with to achieve optimal outcomes for each patient.

You may have other health or sports professionals involved in your management – your coach or athletic trainer, an exercise physiologist, pilates instructor, massage therapist, yoga instructor etc. We are happy to communicate with the rest of your team to ensure your treatment approach is as consistent and effective as possible.

Two large gyms

We now have 2 large gym areas, allowing us to concurrently run classes and have space available for one on one training, or our physiotherapists can set you an individualised gym programme and once you are proficient, you may visit the gym and complete your programme independently.

Our gyms are equipped with large and small pilates equipment, weights, whole body vibration, cardio and balance equipment.

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