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PhysioTec has two large, well equipped gyms allowing us to run classes and still have access for one-on one training and for those have been set an independent programme by their physiotherapist.

Work out or rehabilitate in tranquil surrounds

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We offer clinical pilates classes as small group classes with individualised programmes, or slightly larger circuit classes encompassing a whole body approach.

Independent access

If you would like to access our gym to complete your exercise programme independently, you will need to have an assessment with one of our physiotherapists who will develop you an individualised programme. You will then need to have at least 2 sessions with the physiotherapist in the gym to ensure you are comfortable and safe with the use of the machines, and able to perform your exercises with good technique. We recommend that you have a regular reassessment to check and progress or modify your programme. It is a good idea to change the stimulus at regular intervals to continually challenge the neuromuscular system and effect positive change.