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Cancer Care

Rejuvenate your body and mind

The Cancer experience is highly unique to each individual and very challenging. Individuals are confronted emotionally, psychologically, spiritually and physically. Each aspect has both immediate and long lasting ramifications. With advancements in research, technology and treatments, survival rates are high and life expectancy is increasing.

Whilst on treatment, we are fighting our disease but it is also during this phase that we need to prepare for the future. During this time, we can start to examine our lives, thoughts, beliefs, relationships, priorities and most importantly health behaviours.

A cancer diagnosis brings with it an opportunity to reflect, and re-examine every aspect of our life. Any changes that we wish to incorporate daily can commence now. Maybe there are new goals which we wish to attain, health behaviours that we wish to embrace or not uncommonly, past cherished activities which have been neglected that we have a chance to revisit.

Physical activity, movement and exercise offer a unique solution that has a positive impact on all aspects of your life.

Research has highlighted the positive effect of exercise on:

  • levels of fatigue,
  • quality of life,
  • mood, cognition and confidence
  • immune function,
  • cardiovascular and respiratory health,
  • weight and body composition, overall health markers
  • strength and endurance,
  • stress,
  • pain

Julie Allen, a highly experienced physiotherapist and cancer survivor herself, provides tailored and specific physiotherapy assessments, practical advice, support and guidance during this phase to assist you in incorporating movement, exercise and activity back into your day. We have practical tips to help even on the days when you cannot get out of bed.

Cancer Survivorship

Life after a cancer diagnosis and treatment

Often after the rigours of Cancer treatment, life can appear very different. Expectations become our worst enemy.  Not only will you be left challenging your own expectations of what this phase of your life should be like, but you will also be confronted by the expectations of loved ones, friends and colleagues. In the entire spectrum from diagnosis through to living, cancer and anxiety free, it is often this phase -when treatment has ceased - that life becomes the most challenging. Expectations can burden and consume us.

Physiotherapy, exercise, familiarity and the support of fellow cancer survivors can help to provide us with a meaningful and realistic passage forward. A physiotherapist has a tool-box full of useful techniques, strategies and advice to help you regain some control in your life at a time when direction has been lost. A physiotherapist, using movement, activity and exercise can help you to rejuvenate your body and mind and subsequently help you to regain control of your body, normalise your shape and levels of fitness and fatigue and improve your quality of life.

Julie Allen, a qualified physiotherapist and fellow cancer survivor, has developed a service, The Pentimento Project, targeting the common post treatment issues. She acts as both a physiotherapist and wellness advisor to gently guide you through this time of transition towards the future that you desire.

For more information on Julie Allen's cancer rehabilitation services, visit her website The Pentimento Project.