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Bone density is an important issue, regardless of your age or condition. According to Osteoporosis Australia, low bone density affects 5.4 million Australians. Taking care of your bones ensures that you have a strong framework to carry you through your entire life. You should never underestimate the importance of keeping your bones strong and healthy because doing so will help you maintain a good quality of life as you age.

What you should know when looking for an exercise program for treating or preventing osteoporosis:

  • Exercise plays an important role in maintaining or improving bone density.
  • Your exercise program should be well supervised and targeted to site specific areas related to bones.
  • Your exercise class should be developed around evidence from scientific research.
  • Improving balance and body awareness should be part of the program, helping reduce the risk of falling.
  • The exercise program also needs to minimise the risks of aggravating or developing pain or injury

Fight Osteoporosis! Build those bones & Boost your Balance!


Body integration - Bone strength - Balance control

A unique and specialised group program designed to increase bone health and density through weight training, also incorporating posture and body awareness training along with balance and proprioceptive exercise aimed at reducing the risk of falls, joint overload and injury.

Body – Bones – Balance incorporates a group warm up followed by a targeted station-based exercise program that stimulates the whole body, with a special focus on improving health and strength of bones, muscles and tendons and optimising dynamic balance. With age and particularly post menopause for women, many people experience a loss of muscle bulk, bone density and balance – a combination that substantially increases the risk of falls and osteoporotic fracture. People in this situation are also often experiencing joint and tendon pain associated with a lack of physical conditioning and poor postural and movement habits. While high-load bone programs have been shown to improve bone density, some people may fail in these programs due to pain exacerbation or injury associated with a lack of individualisation of the program.

Body – Bones – Balance involves a detailed assessment of current levels of functional capacity and considers current musculoskeletal issues with which each person enters the program. Exercises at each station can be modified to suit the individual’s current level of function and avoid joint positions or tendon loads that may aggravate problem areas. Our instructors ensure that body awareness and control of movement patterns are optimal prior to safely progressing weights. Stations will include use of equipment such as hand and bar weights, leg extension/hamstring curl machine, supine leg press, spring resisted TWS slider, balance equipment and whole-body vibration. Whole body vibration has been shown to stimulate increased bone and muscle activity and is a great addition to this strength and balance program.

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Please note that all our Bones & Balance classes are run by one of our highly qualified Pilates Instructors.

Classes are not rebatable under private health fund, medicare or other insurance.