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Australian Trach Championships @ Dunc Gray Velodrome NSWBicycle fitting is not a simple process of sitting on the bike, gently pedalling and adjusting the bike to what looks right under those condition. As the demand on the body is different when pedalling lightly as opposed to riding under effort, it is important to look at what the body is doing when under load. Also the bike fit should reflect the goals and the physical musculoskeletal capability of the rider as the “pro” setup with the slammed stem, super long stem and tall seat height may not be appropriate for your average everyday rider.

The process will involve a detailed interview of personal physical health in particular previous injuries concerns, current activity levels and future cycling goals.

Physical assessments related to cycling posture and demand will then be conducted to give a much better picture of how it affects the rider when on the bike. Specific therapeutic exercises will be given to assist with improving any identified problem areas that needed to be addressed.

On-the-bike assessment will involve putting the rider under “effort” intervals which will allow a better view of what the rider does when under load and fatigue. This will give a much clearer picture of dynamic issues that needed to be addressed. With each adjustment, the rider will be reassessed in the new position to see if any difference was evident or felt by the cyclist.

If the bike fit is related to an injury or problems with discomfort or stiffness, the consultation can be claimed against your physiotherapy private health fund cover.