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At PhysioTec we offer a wide variety of services to match the many and varied needs of our clients. We have services to assist you in optimising both your physical and psychological health, and your ability to engage in the things you need or love to do.


Specialising in Sports Physio, Rehabilitation, and pain management.

Hip Clinic

Experts in Management of Hip and Pelvic Pain

Dance Services

Dance injury management, Pre Pointe assessment, Flexibility training and Pilates.

Women's Health

Our specialists can discreetly help you with women's health.


Clinical Pilates with a difference.


Fully equipped gym for casual or regular use.

Real Time Ultrasound

An indispensable aid for muscle retraining.

Running Assessment

Our Running Assessment experts can help you run better and safer.

Bike Fit

Specialist equipment and fitting of your bike for optimal benefits.


State-of-the-art, computerised assessment and retraining technology.

Cancer Care

Rejuvenate your body and mind


Around 10% of the population are generally hypermobile, which can cause pain and/or injury.

Whole Body Vibration

Good vibes for your body.


Sauna treatment helps to reduce pain and improve overall fitness.