Rhianna Tunks - Physio at Physiotec, Tarragindi, Brisbane


• B.Sc (Physiotherapy)

Dance Physiotherapist and Pilates Instructor at PhysioTec, Brisbane


Rhianna Tunks is a Dance physiotherapist and Group Exercise and Pilates instructor at Physiotec, Tarragindi, Brisbane. Rhianna is a committed and experienced dancer herself and has a special love of working with others dancers. Her love of movement and exercise, is also of broad benefit for anyone with musculoskeletal pain or injury. Rhianna has also completed all of Dr Alison Grimaldi's hip workshops and continues mentoring under Dr Grimaldi and Joanne Manning, our senior dance physiotherapist.


Rhianna graduated in 2018 from Curtin University in Perth with a Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy.  During her studies, Rhianna had the opportunity to work closely with full-time ballet and contemporary dancers at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts and contributed to a paper investigating the beliefs about low back pain in pre-professional dancers.

After completing her studies, Rhianna moved over to Sydney and gained experience working in private practice settings and teaching Pilates classes. She attained additional training in dry needling, clinical Pilates and pre-pointe assessments. Her experience includes a wide exposure across musculoskeletal pain and injuries, including hip and lower limb conditions. Rhianna has completed Dr Alison Grimaldi’s in-depth training on hip, groin and buttock pain.

With her extensive background in dance, Rhianna has a special interest in dance injury rehabilitation and prevention. Rhianna has worked backstage treating members of the Dream Dance Company and made the move to Brisbane after completing a full-time dance course herself. Rhianna continues to enjoy her dance training across all styles including hip hop, heels, and jazz in her spare time.

Blogs by Rhianna

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Safe Stretching for Dancers

By Rhianna Tunks | 1 August 2022

As dancers, we are always trying to improve our flexibility. Online videos and social media have added to the desire for greater ranges of motion, compromising safety and alignment to achieve extreme positions and contortions of the body. Many factors influence a dancer’s flexibility including age, body structure, genetics, gender, bones, muscles, ligaments, nerves, and…

Heels Dancing: Tips to look after your body

Heels Dancing: Tips to look after your body

By Rhianna Tunks | 1 February 2022

Heels dancing has become increasingly popular from recreational dancers to professionals. Heels is not a style, culture or background in itself but is featured across many genres of dance with commercial heels being the most mainstream, influenced by artists in music videos, touring performances and award shows. Heels are commonly worn in other dance styles…

Injuries In Street Dancers. A Guide to Injury Recovery & Prevention.

By Rhianna Tunks | 7 September 2021

Street dance encompasses many different styles of dance, all with their own unique history, culture, and evolution over time. PhysioTec’s dance physiotherapists regularly assess and develop dance injury prevention and management programs for dancers. This blog will highlight some common street dance injuries and what you can do to prevent or recover from these injuries…