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Return to Sport/Early Sport Conditioning

Ready to get back to sport after an injury, or are you?

Thinking of joining a touch team, boot camp or starting that Couch to 5k running program?

Risks of injury or re-injury are high if you are not adequately prepared.

Getting some help with that preparation from our Performance Physio’s may save you lots of time, money and agony in the long run.

Our Performance team will focus on the essential elements for an athlete’s successful return to sport or introduction to a new sport or recreational activity. The process of returning to competition or challenging your body with a new sport involves enhancement of the body’s load carrying capacity in preparation for these higher load activities.  Use of correct training techniques to maximise rehabilitation and reconditioning and allowing the body time to adapt is critical. While the goal is rapid resumption of activity, it is important to be aware of our ability to tolerate new loads from a strength and conditioning perspective. Knowing when you are ready to return to sport, or increase your loads can be a tricky decision to make alone. Many people go back too early and suffer re-injury or injure a new body part that has been allowed to decondition during the time off play. Our team will guide you through a program tailored to your individual needs and designed to reduce the likelihood of injury or re-injury while providing the building blocks for enhanced performance. They will also put you through your paces and test key factors that have been shown through research studies to predict readiness for return to sport.