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Injury Prevention & Performance Enhancement – Individual or Club Services

Are you or your team members regularly plagued by niggling injuries?

Do you coach a team and are keen to keep them playing as well and injury-free as possible?

Our Performance Physio’s can provide assistance in the clinic or visit your club for some education or to train your team to perform specific RAMP warm-up protocols for injury prevention and performance enhancement.

Sporting injuries place a high burden on both individuals and clubs, both in terms of rehabilitation costs, time off work, and time lost to play. Research has also demonstrated that time out with injury has a significant impact on performance and overall success of the competitive season. The Performance team recommends both off-season and in-season strategies for injury prevention and performance enhancement. Off-season is the perfect time to work on developing a solid base of strength, power, plyometric ability and endurance. Never done strength work before? Join our GymStart program, or sign up for some personal or group training or just see one of our strength and conditioning specialists to help you develop a safe and effective off-season plan. Our team can also provide analysis and optimisation of key movement patterns – eg analysis of running, change of direction, kicking and throwing techniques.

In-season, any strength and conditioning programs need to be well planned to ensure the athlete is not overloaded. Knowing how to progress loads and training volume safely by understanding acute and chronic workloads is also critical.  Incorporating key skill development and addressing risk factors for injury within regular warm-ups is another excellent way to prevent injury and enhance performance.

The Performance team views warm-ups as a key component of the strength development and training process. Considering the evidence questioning many current practices in warm-up, a new classification of warm-up phases has been developed. The “RAMP” system provides a method by which warm-up activities can be classified and constructed. This system identifies three key phases of effective warm-ups.


  1. RAISE

Elevates Body temperature/Heart rate and increases blood flow.


Activates key muscle groups and mobilizes key joints and ranges of motion used in the sport.


The “RAMP” approach provides a framework around which to construct effective warm-up procedures for both competition and training. At all times the aim of the warm-up is to ensure optimal preparation for performance while minimising injury risk. Activities should be selected that provide for raising the body temperature, activating and mobilising key muscles and joints and preparing the athlete for performance, but without the development of undue fatigue.

Planning of warm-up periods through the training week can enhance key skills required for injury prevention and performance, with no additional time requirement. Activities included in the ‘Raise’ section can be used to develop movement skills required for the particular sport. The ‘Activate and Mobilise’ section can be used to optimise strength, control and dynamic flexibility around areas central to performance of the sport and at highest risk of injury. The ‘Potentiation’ section provides an ideal time to carry out activities such as speed and agility training, providing a very time efficient method by which to ensure athletes have controlled doses of this type of training throughout the sporting year.

The Performance team at Physiotec has prepared a number of RAMP combinations for various multidirectional field and court sports, where injury risks are highest. We can also develop custom RAMP’s to suit the specific needs of any individual or team.

Keep yourself and your team safe and performing at your best!