GymStart & GymStart for Teens

New to exercise?

Unsure of what type of exercise to do?

Want to get started in the gym but unsure of where to begin or if you'll be safe?

Need to get stronger but had a bad experience in the gym before?


GymStart delivers tailored strength training programmes to suit your physical capabilities in a safe and effective manner.

Who’s suitable for GymStart?

GymStart has been designed for everybody from adolescents needing to safely condition for higher load sports such as Rugby and Rowing, to the elderly looking to begin strength training or improve their bone density using gym based equipment.

Benefits of Strength Training:

  • Improve muscle strength and power
  • Optimise capacity for movement and overall physical function
  • Enhance management of existing musculoskeletal conditions, particularly in later stages of rehabilitation
  • Reduce risk of injury
  • Increase bone mineral density
  • Improve cardiac function and health
  • Increase overall health and well being

Common Misconceptions Regarding Strength Training

  • Strength training causes injury
  • Strength training is only appropriate for younger population
  • Strength training is not for people who have existing injuries.
  • Strength training can have negative effect on joint support


What does the GymStart Program involve?

GymStart is a 6-week program for development of competency in strength training with one-on-one assessment and coaching from a trained Physiotherapist. The findings of an initial one-hour comprehensive physical assessment will determine the structure of the tailored strength training program. Competent execution of the main compound movements will be developed over weekly 30- 45minute sessions over a six-week period.

Our fully equipped gym will be the classroom, providing you with a safe, supervised environment for strength and conditioning. This will allow you to optimise your movement patterns and efficiency and your functional strength.



Initial 1 hour assessment
6 x 30-minute training sessions
1 x 30-minute final reassessment session


Pairs or small group
Want to reduce the costs? Bring a friend/relative or 2

Maximum 3 per group.
Each individual will still require an independent initial and final assessment.
Training sessions will be 45 minutes.

Ideal for a group of teenage athletes starting to train in the gym, parents and their teens, ladies groups – get strong but stay safe together!


How to get started

Just ring reception on 3342 4284 and ask for a GymStart Assessment