Lauren McDonald - Pilates Instructor at Physiotec, Tarraginidi, Brisbane


• DipHlthSc • BHSc

Pilates Instructor at PhysioTec, Brisbane


Lauren Mcdonald is a Pilates Instructor at Physiotec, Tarragindi, Brisbane. You will also find Lauren assisting on the front desk in reception.


Lauren hails from Melbourne, another lockdown escapee. She has also spent a year living and working abroad in London teaching Pilates at the prestigious Pure Sports Medicine clinics, before returning to Australia.

She brings with her a wealth of experience in health care services and has completed both a Diploma and Batchelor’s degree in Health Science (DipHlthSc, BHSc). At Physiotec, you will find Lauren both on the front desk helping us with reception, and in the Pilates Gym running Pilates classes. She has a diverse background and many years of experience supporting administrative functions for both big and small businesses across a variety of sectors.

Lauren is also a qualified Pilates teacher/coach with rehabilitation experience. Primarily having worked with prescribing and delivering safe, effective exercise rehabilitation programs to those in the 50+ age group with pre-existing injuries and everyday life ailments. She loves working with people to help them achieve less pain in day-to-day life and gain greater movement flexibility and efficiency. In recent times, Lauren has worked with young dancers and athletes (triathletes, ice skaters) to finesse their power output and efficiency of movement. This has become an area of special interest for her.

When Lauren is not assisting on the front desk or teaching Pilates, you can find her in dance class or on the dance floor (samba, zouk, salsa). Relishing how her continually evolving anatomy knowledge of the human body can not only boost performance but also efficiency in any chosen physical activity. In her free time, she loves nothing more than travelling, meeting new people, making new friends, good coffee and adventures shared with friends.