Interpreting the new PhysioTec logo

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Interpreting the new PhysioTec logo

The new PhysioTec logo. What does it all mean?

PhysioTec has now been in operation for over 12 years. We thought it was time we refreshed our branding to reflect the ways in which our business continues to grow and change. The logo symbol includes two dynamic, intersecting, abstract forms, interacting with balance and stability. The underlying cross is reminiscent of a medical cross, reflective of the important role physiotherapists play in health promotion. The two intersecting forms represent a number of interactions central to our practice:

Clinical Expertise and Scientific Evidence – At Physiotec we hold a strong belief in evidence-informed practice, meaning that we keep up to date with the latest scientific evidence and integrate this with the knowledge and expertise gained from decades of combined clinical experience.

Muscle and Collagen – The two forms represent the interaction between muscle (the pink logo form) and collagen (the silver logo form), a key building block of tendon, ligaments and bone. Together these form the musculoskeletal system which is the system central to the practice of physiotherapy

Us and You – Representative of the close relationship between our staff, our clients and our referrers. We hope to enrich the lives we touch as you enrich ours.

We have chosen this colour as it has many associations to which we feel a strong affinity in the way we practice and interact with our clients:

warmth –  nurturing  –  intuition  –  sensitivity  –  hope  –  positivity  –  energy

We have also changed our clinic moto from ‘Moving with the Times’ to ‘Moving with You’ to reflect the patient-centred care we provide.  Our main aim is to work with you to provide the best possible outcomes to enable you to once again enjoy the things that are important in your lives – health, family, friends, sport, recreation and travel.

Some things never change:

The clinic is still run as passionately as ever by Dr Alison Grimaldi, our practice principal and her husband Nunzio, director. We still have staff members that have been with us from almost the very beginning, including our Administration Manager, Rebecca Rusich. We continue to provide a culture of ongoing learning and passion in all that we do. We would like to thank all who have been a part of our amazing journey so far and look forward to meeting those who will become part of our future.