Dr Alison Grimaldi - Physio at Physiotec, Tarragindi, Brisbane


• PhD • BPhty • MPhtySt (Sports)

Principal Physiotherapist at PhysioTec, Brisbane


Dr Alison Grimaldi is the principal physiotherapist at Physiotec, Tarragindi, Brisbane. She has special expertise in the assessment and management of hip, groin, buttock and pelvic pain. Alison is also an APA Titled Sports Physiotherapist. In her non-clinical work Alison is heavily involved in education and research.


Alison is our Principal Physiotherapist, with over 30 years of clinical experience and particular expertise in the management of hip, groin and lumbo-pelvic pain and dysfunction. Alison also has a special interest in the assessment and optimisation of lumbo-pelvic and lower limb biomechanics for running, change of direction and all weightbearing sports, aiming to maximize an athlete’s performance outcomes and minimize risks of injury or re-injury.

Alison completed a Bachelor of Physiotherapy at the University of Queensland in 1990, a Masters of Sports Physiotherapy in 1997, and her Doctorate in Philosophy in the Field of Physiotherapy (PhD) in 2008. Her PhD studies were concerned with improving our understanding of hip muscle function and the relationship with hip joint pathology and weightbearing stimulus. These studies involved research collaboration with the European Space Agency. Alison continues to be passionate about extending our understanding of why we develop problems around the hip and pelvis, and what we can do to most effectively prevent and manage these problems. She is currently involved with research studies through the University of Queensland and University of Canberra, has co-supervised a number of PhD students, and has pioneered the use of Real Time Ultrasound technology for the assessment and retraining of muscle function around the hip & pelvis. Due to her valuable contributions to research at the University of Queensland, Alison has been awarded the title Adjunct Senior Research Fellow in the School of Health & Rehabilitation Sciences.

It is one of Alison’s core beliefs that research should be relevant to clinical practice and helping the patients we treat every day, and that physiotherapists in the community should have access to this valuable information to allow them to transfer this knowledge into clinical practice as quickly as possible. To this end, Alison continues to publish, present and provide practical workshops for other health professionals. Alison has published a number of papers in scientific journals, has contributed detailed information freely accessible via podcasts by PhysioEdge (itunes) and the British Journal of Sports Medicine (SoundCloud), and has recently contributed to 3 leading physiotherapy and sports medicine text books. Alison is a visiting lecturer at Masters level at Queensland University, and also runs weekend seminars and courses around Australia & overseas with a focus on muscle function, therapeutic exercise, and the use of real time ultrasound in clinical practice. She has presented at many state, national & international conferences as an Invited or Keynote Speaker, and has run international seminars in England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Canada, United States of America, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong and Dubai (UAE).

Alison established PhysioTec in 2005 and continues a clinical load, working with patients with complex hip and lumbopelvic conditions, and across a broad spectrum of sports, including elite level triathlon, running, dance, cricket, athletics & swimming. She also spends a considerable amount of time mentoring her excellent staff, ensuring they are up-to-date and able to provide a high level of clinical expertise for management of musculoskeletal problems.

Blogs by Alison


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By Alison Grimaldi | 23 July 2020

COVID-19 brought plenty of changes to our lives in 2020, including the way we deliver physiotherapy at PhysioTec. Telehealth allowed our physiotherapists to continue providing tailored treatments and essential support during the lockdown period, via online video consultations. If you are new to Telehealth and would like to learn more, click here. The uptake of…

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Have you developed some new aches and pains or aggravated some old ones after following free online exercise classes? Or perhaps you have increased your normal activity level by doing more walking, running, stair or hill climbing to try and stay fit and healthy during the COVID-19 restrictions. At Physiotec, we have seen an increasing…

4 Tips for Pain Relief When You’re Stuck at Home

By Alison Grimaldi | 22 April 2020

1. MANAGE YOUR STRESS The effect of the COVID-19 pandemic has been devastating worldwide. We are lucky in Australia that the spread of illness is now being well contained. However, the social distancing measures have not come without a significant cost for many businesses, their employees and our way of life. Higher levels of stress…

Our New Initiative – HipPainHelp.com

By Alison Grimaldi | 1 November 2019

Launched in 2019, our site Hip Pain Help was designed to do just that – help those with hip pain. Dr Alison Grimaldi, her husband Nunz Grimaldi and physiotherapy colleague Kirsty McNab are the directors of  hippainhelp.com . HipPainHelp has been a labour of love, developed out of a clear need to connect those in…

Interpreting the New PhysioTec Logo

By Alison Grimaldi | 29 March 2018

THE NEW PHYSIOTEC LOGO. WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN? PhysioTec has now been in operation for over 12 years. We thought it was time we refreshed our branding to reflect the ways in which our business continues to grow and change. The logo symbol includes two dynamic, intersecting, abstract forms, interacting with balance and stability.…

PhysioTec Updates

By Alison Grimaldi | 8 February 2016

END OF YEAR ROUNDUP! 2015 in Review 2015 was a year of exciting change and growth for Physiotec. The clinic expanded physically, new staff came on board, our technology advanced, our physiotherapists further expanded their already high level of knowledge and we reached out to the community with involvement in sporting events, teaching locally and…

Dr Alison Grimaldi Goes Global

By Alison Grimaldi | 22 July 2015

UK Lecture Series on the Assessment and Management of the Hip and Related Injuries Hip injuries may be tricky to diagnose and manage as pain around the hip can stem from different parts of the body such as the groin, lumbar spine, and structures such as muscles, cartilage and tendons. Every year more and more…

Blogs by Alison

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