Dr Alison Grimaldi Goes Global

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UK Lecture Series on the Assessment and Management of the Hip and Related Injuries

Hip injuries may be tricky to diagnose and manage as pain around the hip can stem from different parts of the body such as the groin, lumbar spine, and structures such as muscles, cartilage and tendons. Every year more and more questions are answered about the hip as more research is done. ( However, more and more questions still arise, so more research is needed. )

Our principal physiotherapist, Dr. Alison Grimaldi, who is very experienced with the hip and hip injuries and how to manage them has recently visited the UK and did a few lectures about the hip to physiotherapists and various clinicians in different clinics and hospitals in the UK.

Here is a recap of her tour:

  1. First stop was the Centre for Sports and Exercise Medicine, William Harvey Research Institute at the Queen Mary University of London. Here, she shared her knowledge on Gluteal Tendinopathy and talked about how the injury develops, how to assess this and also discussed effective treatment and management.
  2. On her second day, she gave an evening lecture to physiotherapists from various clinics in London titled : Hip Pain: Is your management helping or harming your patient in the longer term? She was hosted by PhysioUK
  3. On the third day, she was hosted by Pure Sports Medicine Physiotherapy clinic for a day and conducted a practical course on Understanding Tendinopathies of the Hip and Pelvis. This day was also very interesting as she tackled diagnosis of common tendinopathies, as well as biomechanics on how they develop. In the afternoon session, participants also got to play around with different exercises using Pilates equipment like the reformer and other common apparatus such as the swissball, therabands and foam rollers and specifically targeting hip control and gluteal or buttock strength.
  4. After her London stint, she then visited Wales and was welcomed by Neath Port Talbot Hospital and lectured on Motor Control of the Hip and Implications for Clinical Practice. This again was successful as the participants got to learn about those slow and controlled activations. (Yes if you have been to our clinic for hip pain, you must know about these really gentle exercises! )
  5. Last but not least, not only did she visit Ireland and have some Guiness on the side, but also lectured on Early re-training of the deep hip musculature & considerations for higher level therapeutic exercise for the clinicians at the Sports Surgery Clinic Santry in Dublin!

Did you know, that not only does she lecture overseas, but she also contributed to writing a chapter about the hip in the 4th Edition of the prestigious Grieve’s Modern Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy textbook? (Physiotherapists out there, get your copy! It really is a good reference to have !)

She has been busy, staying on top of the research about the hip and is continuing to educate physiotherapists around the world and sharing her clinical expertise on everything and anything about the hip. Thanks Alison! Looking forward to more lectures.

Stay tuned for more lectures here and abroad and latest developments about the hip and pelvis.

Follow her on Twitter @alisongrimaldi , follow us @physiotecAUS.