Hip Osteoarthritis


Have you experienced a deep pain in and around your hip? There can be many different causes of hip pain, but hip osteoarthritis has some common telltale symptoms. Does it feel as though pain extends right around or through the hip (e.g., it may be deep around the front corner of the hip making you…

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Neck and Shoulder Pain in Musicians: Causes and Treatment


Playing a musical instrument is an emotive and artistic activity but is also physically demanding. Professional and amateur musicians often experience pain and injuries that limit their ability to play. Research 1 indicates that over 80% of professional musicians in orchestras experience pain and injuries that inhibit their ability to play. In contrast, younger musicians…

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2022 Wrap Up

2022 wrap up - looking back at the year

As the year comes to an end, we have put together this blog which will be looking back at 2022, and all of the highlights of the year. We will also hear some end-of-year thoughts from our physios. At PhysioTec we have remained steadfast in our efforts to bring you the best possible health service…

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What to tell your Physio about your Pain

What to tell your physio about your pain?

Is pain relief one of the main reasons that you are seeking physiotherapy treatment? When you attend your first appointment, your physiotherapist will ask you a variety of questions about your pain. This blog will walk you through what a physio wants to know and why, and what to tell your physio about your pain.…

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Safe Stretching for Dancers

Safe Stretching Practices for Dancers

As dancers, we are always trying to improve our flexibility. Online videos and social media have added to the desire for greater ranges of motion, compromising safety and alignment to achieve extreme positions and contortions of the body. Many factors influence a dancer’s flexibility including age, body structure, genetics, gender, bones, muscles, ligaments, nerves, and…

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Our New Initiative – HipPainHelp.com

Launched in 2019, our site Hip Pain Help was designed to do just that – help those with hip pain. Dr Alison Grimaldi, her husband Nunz Grimaldi and physiotherapy colleague Kirsty McNab are the directors of  hippainhelp.com . HipPainHelp has been a labour of love, developed out of a clear need to connect those in…

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