Proximal Hamstring Tendinopathy: Symptoms, Causes, Treatments


You may have recently found yourself experiencing pain in your lower buttock and wondered “Is this my back, my hip or my hamstring?” If you have pain and tenderness over your ‘sitting bone’ in sitting, chances are, you may have proximal hamstring tendinopathy. There are some other key features that help distinguish proximal hamstring tendinopathy…

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Osgood Schlatter Disease: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment


This blog will cover the following points on Osgood Schlatter Disease: What is Osgood Schlatter Disease? Symptoms of Osgood Schlatter Disease Causes of Osgood Schlatter Disease Treatment Options for Osgood Schlatter Disease How we can help you What is Osgood Schlatter Disease Osgood Schlatter Disease or OSD is characterised by pain just below the kneecap,…

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How pain changes the way we move (and how to fix it!)


Movement is a fundamental aspect of human life, shaping our interactions with the world and people around us. When we are not experiencing pain, we move without hesitation, without restriction or fear. We cruise through our day with full confidence, not thinking of the incredible interaction between brain and body that plans, coordinates and executes…

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2023 Wrap Up


As another year at PhysioTec comes to an end, we have put together this blog to look back at all of the highlights from 2023, what Alison and the PhysioTec staff have been up to, and hear some end-of-year thoughts from our physios. Thank you to those who have visited our clinic, or consulted us…

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Returning to the Gym after Hip Replacement


Wondering whether it’s safe to be returning to the gym after hip replacement? We asked one of our most experienced hip physiotherapists, Eric Huang, who also has a special interest in strength and conditioning, and sport, to write on this topic for you. Eric has worked for over a decade here at PhysioTec in Tarragindi,…

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Many individuals, including some patients undergoing cancer treatment, may be affected by a disruption in the lymphatic system, resulting in lymphoedema – it’s a condition that often remains misunderstood. This blog will cover the following points on Lympoedema: What is the Lymphatic system? What is Lymphoedema? What are healthy habits for those at risk of…

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Hip Osteoarthritis


Have you experienced a deep pain in and around your hip? There can be many different causes of hip pain, but hip osteoarthritis has some common telltale symptoms. Does it feel as though pain extends right around or through the hip (e.g., it may be deep around the front corner of the hip making you…

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Shin splints: symptoms, causes and treatments


This blog will cover the following points on Shin Splints: What are Shin Splints Symptoms of medial tibial stress syndrome What causes Shin Splints Causes of medial tibial stress syndrome or bone stress injuries Other causes of shin pain Treatments for Shin Splints Load management for medial tibial stress syndrome Other parts of rehabilitation to…

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