How pain changes the way we move (and how to fix it!)


Movement is a fundamental aspect of human life, shaping our interactions with the world and people around us. When we are not experiencing pain, we move without hesitation, without restriction or fear. We cruise through our day with full confidence, not thinking of the incredible interaction between brain and body that plans, coordinates and executes…

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Lower Back Pain in Overhead Sports: Causes and Treatment


Lower back pain is one of the most common complaints amongst athletes and recreational players in overhead sports. Have you felt increased stiffness in your back while tennis serving? Or perhaps you’re a fast bowler and noticed that you’ve been pulling up sore after matches? Lower back pain in overhead sports can present in a…

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Is the problem where the pain is?

Is the problem where the pain is? - blog

Last month we explored different descriptors of pain which can be used to understand your situation. How you describe your pain or other sensation you wish to go away, guides your clinician towards a clinical diagnosis which may simply involve a specific anatomical structure or may be more complex. If the primary structure or issue…

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What to tell your Physio about your Pain

What to tell your physio about your pain?

Is pain relief one of the main reasons that you are seeking physiotherapy treatment? When you attend your first appointment, your physiotherapist will ask you a variety of questions about your pain. This blog will walk you through what a physio wants to know and why, and what to tell your physio about your pain.…

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Heels are not Always Good for the Sole

As physio’s we often see a link between high heels and pain, but so many people are attached to their heels and these fashion items have been worn for many centuries. Did you know that men used to wear high heels? According to historians, way before the famous high heel was part of the female…

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