How pain changes the way we move (and how to fix it!)


Movement is a fundamental aspect of human life, shaping our interactions with the world and people around us. When we are not experiencing pain, we move without hesitation, without restriction or fear. We cruise through our day with full confidence, not thinking of the incredible interaction between brain and body that plans, coordinates and executes…

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2023 Wrap Up


As another year at PhysioTec comes to an end, we have put together this blog to look back at all of the highlights from 2023, what Alison and the PhysioTec staff have been up to, and hear some end-of-year thoughts from our physios. Thank you to those who have visited our clinic, or consulted us…

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Shin splints: symptoms, causes and treatments


This blog will cover the following points on Shin Splints: What are Shin Splints Symptoms of medial tibial stress syndrome What causes Shin Splints Causes of medial tibial stress syndrome or bone stress injuries Other causes of shin pain Treatments for Shin Splints Load management for medial tibial stress syndrome Other parts of rehabilitation to…

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Neck and Shoulder Pain in Musicians: Causes and Treatment


Playing a musical instrument is an emotive and artistic activity but is also physically demanding. Professional and amateur musicians often experience pain and injuries that limit their ability to play. Research 1 indicates that over 80% of professional musicians in orchestras experience pain and injuries that inhibit their ability to play. In contrast, younger musicians…

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En Pointe: Common Foot Injuries in Ballet Dancers


Whether you’re a dancer who is considering starting pointe work soon, a dancer who has just bought their pointe shoes after the pre-pointe assessment has been passed or a family member of a dancer who has begun making regular remarks on the discomfort felt when even just sliding your foot into a pointe shoe, this…

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2022 Wrap Up

2022 wrap up - looking back at the year

As the year comes to an end, we have put together this blog which will be looking back at 2022, and all of the highlights of the year. We will also hear some end-of-year thoughts from our physios. At PhysioTec we have remained steadfast in our efforts to bring you the best possible health service…

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Is the problem where the pain is?

Is the problem where the pain is? - blog

Last month we explored different descriptors of pain which can be used to understand your situation. How you describe your pain or other sensation you wish to go away, guides your clinician towards a clinical diagnosis which may simply involve a specific anatomical structure or may be more complex. If the primary structure or issue…

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What to tell your Physio about your Pain

What to tell your physio about your pain?

Is pain relief one of the main reasons that you are seeking physiotherapy treatment? When you attend your first appointment, your physiotherapist will ask you a variety of questions about your pain. This blog will walk you through what a physio wants to know and why, and what to tell your physio about your pain.…

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What is hypermobility and how can a physio help?

What is Hypermobility? How can a physio help?

May is Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) awareness month and as this is something that we see at PhysioTec very often, the timing is perfect for a blog on this topic. EDS refers to group of connective tissue disorders with at least 13 different subtypes. 12 of these types are very rare and one is far the…

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Strength & Conditioning for Dancers

Strength and Conditioning training for dancers

Thinking of Going En-pointe? You might need a Pre-Pointe Assessment. Download our FREE RESOURCE on 4 common injury risk factors identified in Pre-Pointe Assessments. Find Out More Find our physio clinic in Brisbane Tarragindi Our Brisbane Physiotherapy Clinic, services areas including: Brisbane, Tarragindi, Mount Gravatt, Holland Park, Rocklea, Yeronga, Annerley, Camp Hill, Carindale, Coorparoo, Salisbury,…

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