Proximal Hamstring Tendinopathy: Symptoms, Causes, Treatments


You may have recently found yourself experiencing pain in your lower buttock and wondered “Is this my back, my hip or my hamstring?” If you have pain and tenderness over your ‘sitting bone’ in sitting, chances are, you may have proximal hamstring tendinopathy. There are some other key features that help distinguish proximal hamstring tendinopathy…

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Hip Osteoarthritis


Have you experienced a deep pain in and around your hip? There can be many different causes of hip pain, but hip osteoarthritis has some common telltale symptoms. Does it feel as though pain extends right around or through the hip (e.g., it may be deep around the front corner of the hip making you…

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Lower Back Pain in Overhead Sports: Causes and Treatment


Lower back pain is one of the most common complaints amongst athletes and recreational players in overhead sports. Have you felt increased stiffness in your back while tennis serving? Or perhaps you’re a fast bowler and noticed that you’ve been pulling up sore after matches? Lower back pain in overhead sports can present in a…

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