2023 Wrap Up

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As another year at PhysioTec comes to an end, we have put together this blog to look back at all of the highlights from 2023, what Alison and the PhysioTec staff have been up to, and hear some end-of-year thoughts from our physios.

Thank you to those who have visited our clinic, or consulted us online over 2023. It has been a pleasure to meet you and to play a role in helping improve your quality-of-life and get back to doing the things you need to do and the things you love to do. We look forward to continuing this journey with some of you in the New Year and helping more new people in 2024.

Also, thank you to our readers - reach out if you need some assistance. We are able to preovide telehealth services even to those abroad, except for the USA and Canada.

Have a safe and happy Christmas, and an active and fulfilling 2024! 


This 2023 PhysioTec wrap-up blog, will include the following:

Hope you enjoy this wrap-up for 2023.

Find our physio clinic in Brisbane Tarragindi

Our Brisbane Physiotherapy Clinic, services areas including: Brisbane, Tarragindi, Mount Gravatt, Holland Park, Rocklea, Yeronga, Annerley, Camp Hill, Carindale, Coorparoo, Salisbury, Sunnybank, Greenslopes, Seven Hills, Acacia Ridge, Indooroopilly, Woolloongabba, etc.

Because of our expertise in hip conditions, dance injuries and performance, and hypermobility, we also have people visiting us from all over Queensland, Australia and even international visitors. We also have a telehealth service for remote patients.

Top 3 Blogs of 2023

The most popular blog of 2023 was: Calf Strain Recovery: For Runners. This blog, written by Sports Physio, Kevin Doan, sought to examine calf muscle injuries, common signs and symptoms, differential diagnosis, and common management pathways.

Click Here to Read this Blog on Calf Strains

Second place of our top 3 blogs of 2023 goes to: En-Pointe: Common Foot Injuries in Ballet Dancers. The focus of this blog was around common foot injuries in ballet dancers, what to look out for, and what you can do if you are suffering from one of the injuries.

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And the 3rd blog to make our Top 3 list of 2023 is: Pain in the Kneecaps: Causes, Signs and Treatment. This blog discussed pain in the kneecaps (patellofemoral pain), discussing its causes, signs and treatment.

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Top 3 Social Media Posts of 2023

The most liked post on social media was this post from one of our previous blog posts: Knee Osteoarthritis: Myths vs Facts.

This post demonstrated the difference between physical activities and exercise/strength training, and their relationship with knee osteoarthritis. If you ask yourself 'Why is my knee pain not going away, even though I'm already physically active?' Then this blog, written by Kevin Doan, will help answer this question, provide some insights into knee pain, and strategies that you can immediately apply.

Click Here to view this blog on knee osteoarthritis

The second most liked post on our social media was information from one of our dance blogs on stretching: Safe Stretching for Dancers.

This post explored the important 'Don'ts' of stretching that every dancer must know. Touching on the hidden pitfalls to avoid and unleash your true potential with safe and effective stretching techniques. Helping you say goodbye to common mistakes and hello to reducing injury risk, improved performance, and increased range of motion. Thanks Rhianna Tunks (PhysioTec Dance Physio) for this great blog.

Click Here to view this blog on safe stretching for dancers

And the 3rd most liked post on our social media is this one about strength training and the importance of nutrition for muscle building.

If you are strength training, or regularly going to the gym, you will know that muscle is made in the gym. However, it all starts at home... in the kitchen. Nutrition is key for building muscle, and when strength-training, your nutrient intake is very important. This post highlighted the importance of nutrition in strength training and the other key factors you should keep an eye on.

Click Here to view this blog on strength training.

Our Principal Physiotherapist, Dr. Alison Grimaldi, continued sharing her hip knowledge worldwide

In 2023, Alison's face-to-face hip workshops were back in full swing! Brisbane workshops brought together professionals passionate about the hip from all over Australia.

Alison then returned to North America (Canada and NYC, USA) and UK - Europe (London, Surrey, Norway, Italy, Switzerland) after a break over Covid. Alison delivered her hip workshops to health and exercise professionals from around the world.

Alison was also invited as a keynote speaker at conferences in Canada and Sweden and Norway. She also recently spoke at the International Scientific Tendon Symposium (World Tendon Conference) in Spain in November, where she presented 2 podium presentations and a symposium and won the award for Best Oral Presentation by a senior researcher.

For health professionals who were unable to attend live workshops with Alison, she also provided Online Workshops for hundreds of health professionals around the world.

Alison has also been interviewed this year for 4 high profile podcasts based in Australia, the USA and the UK. She always finds it a pleasure to help improve knowledge on hip conditions, so that health professionals around the world can help more people with hip pain.

Research involvement continues to be an important role for Alison - she is passionate about furthering our knowledge around hip conditions and developing better ways to deepend our understanding, diagnose, treat and monitor progress of patients with hip pain.

In March this year, Alison was awarded a Fellowship by the Australian College of Physiotherapists for her valuable research contributions to the field of physiotherapy.

Of course, Alison continues to treat patients at PhysioTec and provide mentoring for our fantastic team, bringing back cutting edge information from conferences around the world.

She also continues to mentor her Hip Academy members - a community of over 300 health professionals from around the world, that she has built during the covid pandemic, to bring people together, reduce professional isolation and progress understanding and management of hip conditions in places near and far.

And 2024 is shaping up to be just as busy with teaching tours again in UK-Europe and North America, and ongoing research and academy roles.

Check out some snapshots from Alison's teaching below.


Continued Physio Professional Development
at PhysioTec


In 2023, our PhysioTec physio’s participated in 4 in-house workshops with foot and ankle expert Dr Melinda Smith, physiotherapist, researcher and educator. With the aim of further advancing our knowledge of muscle function of the foot intrinsics, calf and ankle muscles. These workshops were great, and all of our physios left with a greater understanding of the foot and ankle, ready to treat patients with issues in this region.

If you have have foot and ankle pain, click the button below to find out more on our site.

Our physios also benefit from regular group and individual mentoring from Dr Alison Grimaldi or other senior staff members - David Peirce or Eric Huang. Our physios also like to attend other external continuing professional development, this year attending courses on running and dance injury assessment and management

Dance Physiotherapy Wrap Up for 2023

Christmas Tips from our Dance Physios

The PhysioTec dance team have a few tips for your holidays to help ease your transition back into dance in the new year:

1. Keep up your calf raises:

If you are planning on seeing a physio in the new year for your pre-pointe profile before commencing pointe training or returning to pointe work after the holidays, you must keep up your calf strength. This will allow you to feel strong and ready for the beginning of term. It is also beneficial for muscle recovery and bone health to maintain some strength work over the holidays rather than jumping straight into dance training after a complete rest.

2. Try something different:

Trying a new hobby or something outside of dance will help keep you active and maintain your endurance over the holidays. Swapping out your usual dance training for something else can also prevent burnout so you can feel refreshed heading into the next dance season. You can choose any activity such as swimming, cycling, or playing a sport with friends and family.

3. Enjoy your downtime:

This holiday time is essential to also allow time to rest and recoup after a massive year of dance before you gear up for the next. Relax and enjoy the holiday time as you deserve it!

A Great Achievement for Dance Physiotherapy in 2023!


In October, our dance physio, Rhianna competed with her team Embassy from Home Base in the international dance competition Danchella held in the Gold Coast. The team placed second in their division with their New Zealand competitors The Collective taking out first place.

This was a great acheivement from our Dance Physio Rhianna, and we are all very proud of her!

Professional Development with Dr Sue Mayes, Australian ballet medical director - expert physiotherapist

Our dance physiotherapist Rhianna recently attended a training course on the foot and ankle in sport and dance with Dr Sue Mayes, Australian Ballet medical director and expert physiotherapist.

Rhianna can assess any foot and ankle concerns you may be experiencing. Book in now for your assessment with Rhianna to get started on your treatment and rehabilitation.

Providing Physio Cover for a touring performing artist!

A recent experience David had with a touring performing artist highlighted the importance of accurate diagnosis and having an accurate exercise plan. For 9 years, this artist had suffered from foot pain and had gradually modified costumes and choreography to reduce pain and keep on stage. She came to Australia to RNB her way around the country and the Australian physio team guided her to a different diagnosis and action plan. By all reports the exercise program designed has already made a big difference to her pain. Maybe it was 'destiny' that bought her here to see the Australian approach!

Sports Physiotherapy Wrap Up for 2023

Tips for the Holiday Season!

The holiday season is here! December is a time to wind down and reflect on the year that was. This is a great time to kick your feet up and reset for 2024 and with the new year in mind, we have a few tips for you over the summer break!

1. Hydration:

Ensure you keep hydrated throughout the hottest time of year – particularly after a few Christmas drinks!

2. Keep moving:

After all the hard work you’ve put in this year, perhaps to rehabilitate an injury or in working towards a goal in the new year – keep the body moving to ensure you can hit the ground running in 2024 and avoid any niggles

3. Swimming:

Being in the water is not only a great way to cool down but an excellent way to keep the body moving on those warmer summer days. Swimming is great for the lungs, great for the muscles and great for joint swelling – why not give it a go?

As we touched on above, we see a lot of injuries arise in January when people rest over the holidays and then return to the same activity level they were completing prior to the break. To help prevent injuries in the early new year, keep moving and keep exercising – in fact why not do this with loved ones! However, should you find yourself with any niggles in January – we will always be here to help.

Bike Fits and Runnings Assessments

Running Assessment Brisbane

As you know, your bike setup is important and should suit your body and type of training or competition. Poor bike-fit can contribute to cycling-related pain and also impact substantially on performance. On the other hand, your running technique may contribute to hip, kneecap, back, calf, shin, ankle and foot problems. Performance can also be impacted by running technique. 

That's why this year, we ran some campaigns on our Bike Fit and Running Assessment services. The response to these campaigns was amazing. We had people from all over Brisbane and the Gold Coast come in and see one one of our Sports physios for a bike fit or a running assessment. It was great meeting you, and we hope to see you again in clinic soon.

Click the links below to book a Bike Fit or Running Assessment.

Message from Eric Huang


2024 has been all about getting the body back in shape for court based movement. I have continued to cycle (mountain bike, road bike with main competitive focus on track cycling sprinting). I have returned back to playing weekly basketball competition with the West Brisbane Falcons. Training has been adjusted to incorporate the different demands on the body like impact and change in direction which you don’t get in cycling action.

I have also been learning to phase the training depending on the season, where the competitive demands are so you can remain generally in shape for the other sport whilst in competitive mode for one. 2023 was a big year with lots of ups and downs, but the body is responding and is ready for another year.

Molly Connolly - Working at the Australian Open

This coming January one of our physiotherapists Dr. Molly Connolly will be travelling to Melbourne to work at the Australian Open. Molly will be working within the athlete Recovery Centre, helping athletes to optimise their recovery between matches via the use of ice baths, compression boots, game ready machines and more. Molly has been working at the Australian open for 8 years and is looking forward to another summer of tennis!

Physiotherapy for Musicians Wrap Up for 2023

Message from our Pilates Instructor: Lauren


Thank you everyone for another year of engaging your wonderful minds and bodies in a journey towards better quality movement together 😊

It has been my privilege to watch you all make improvements, have wins, gain strength and increase in understanding of your bodies.

Whilst the clinic will stay open with shorter hours during the Christmas / New Year break – I will be taking a small break away with my family & friends in Melbourne

The plan for my Pilates classes 🤸‍♀️

Last classes for 2023

Tues 19th Dec - 11:30am, 1245pm & 1:45pm

Fri 22nd Dec - 12:30pm & 1:30pm

First classes for 2024

Tues 9th Jan – 11:30am, 12:45pm & 1:45pm

Fri 12th Jan – 12:30pm & 1:30pm

NB: Please let me know if you are around and wanting to come in for class in January as the classes will run dependent on participation basis.

Also, if you plan to be away for any of these classes or earlier in Dec – please let me know so I can see where I have space for others 😊

Wishing you & your loved ones a safe & rejuvenating holiday season. Look forward to seeing you again in 2024!

Festive cheers,

The Pentimento Project Wrap Up for 2023

How is it December already! For most, it is usually filled with festive cheer and the anticipation of the holidays and some much-needed rest and reprieve. Before the break arrives, we find our schedules jam packed with end of year functions, Christmas planning, shopping… and more shopping and overwhelmingly a shift in priorities and changes to our routines. So, I will use this moment to be your gentle nudge and reminder to continue to prioritise yourself, your health and wellbeing and to remain active as much as possible.

As we head towards Christmas and the enjoyment that it brings, it is worth taking the time to value and appreciate all that you have achieved this year. Reflect on the heart-warming moments that softened you, the challenges that pushed you to rise and the fun and laughter that made it all worthwhile. Celebrate all that is you, your family, and your achievements. Of course, there will be things that you could have done better but use them to help carve and shape new and exciting plans for the New Year.

If you or someone you know is affected by cancer and would benefit from an introduction to Julie Allen and The Pentimento Project, please click here to contact the reception team at PhysioTec to arrange for an appointment.

Have a wonderful and festive Christmas.

You deserve it.

Julie, Principal and Director of The Pentimento Project

Physiotherapy based Cancer Rehabilitation, Moving beyond Diagnosis.

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Do you you need help recovering from an injury? Improving your performance? Or just getting back to doing the things that you love? Visit us at PhysioTec, and let one of our physios assess you and provide you with a personalised program to help you get on-top of your condition, and feel at your best.


This Holiday Season should be about enjoying quality time with your loved ones, and not worrying about your hip, back, knee ... pain!

Head into our clinic and let one of our friendly physios provide you with the relief and a plan for the upcoming holiday season and new year. Be more comfortable sitting, standing, driving, and sleeping!

Don't leave it until last minute, book today, and be ready!