2022 Wrap Up

2022 Wrap Up

As the year comes to an end, we have put together this blog which will be looking back at 2022, and all of the highlights of the year. We will also hear some end-of-year thoughts from our physios.

At PhysioTec we have remained steadfast in our efforts to bring you the best possible health service and are committed to helping you return to the things you need to do and most importantly, the things you love to do.

Our PhysioTec team has continued to hone their skills with regular group training, individual mentoring, and attendance at lectures, courses, and online and face-to-face conferences.

We have been regularly posting high-quality monthly blogs to our site, written by our knowledgeable and passionate physiotherapists. If you've missed any of these, you might like to visit our blog page. Below you'll also find a snippet of our top blogs for this year.

We have also worked hard to stay in touch with you in 2022, providing further value and assistance with monthly updates and our physios' top health tips! If you are not signed up, head to the bottom of this blog to join our mailing list.

In this 2022 PhysioTec wrap-up blog, you'll also find our top 3 social media posts, an update from the PhysioTec Dance team, an update from our Sports Physios, and some words from The Pentimento Projects' Julie Allen. Hope you enjoy our 2022 wrap-up!

Find our physio clinic in Brisbane Tarragindi

Our Brisbane Physiotherapy Clinic, services areas including: Brisbane, Tarragindi, Mount Gravatt, Holland Park, Rocklea, Yeronga, Annerley, Camp Hill, Carindale, Coorparoo, Salisbury, Sunnybank, Greenslopes, Seven Hills, Acacia Ridge, Indooroopilly, Woolloongabba, etc.

Because of our expertise in hip conditions, dance injuries and performance, and hypermobility, we also have people visiting us from all over Queensland, Australia and even international visitors. We also have a telehealth service for remote patients.

Top 3 Blogs of 2022

All you need to know about Hip Labral Tears 2022

The most popular blog of 2022 was: All You Need To Know About Hip Labral Tears.This blog sought to examine Hip Labral Tears (pain at the front of the hip or groin), and help us understand this condition more.

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Heels Dancing: Tips to look after your body 2022

Second place of our top 3 blogs of 2022 goes to: Heel Dancing: Tips To Look After Your Body. The focus of this blog was beginner tips, selecting shoes and the best exercises for warming up and cooling down.

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Groin Pain: In Football 2022

And the 3rd blog to make our Top 3 list of 2022 is: Groin Pain In Football. This blog discussed how groin pain is diagnosed, what the underlying causes are, and how to address them.

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Top 3 Social Media bits of 2022

Deadlift Variations

The most liked post on social media was this post from our blog: Squats & Deadlift: What Suits You Better? 

This post demonstrated the difference in trunk and leg position in 2 different people with very different body structure. We saw that limb and trunk length have a big impact on deadlift and squat technique. Thanks to Eric Huang, one of our senior physiotherapists, for this great post and blog.

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Hip Dysplasia Awareness Month

The second most liked post on our social media was this post from June, which was dedicated to Hip Dysplasia Awareness Month.

This post demonstrated that hip dysplasia is more common in: females, those with a family history of dysplasia, babies born breech (bottom first), and babies who have been tightly swaddled. This post also touches on the best methods for preventing Hip Dysplasia in babies.

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Strength Training for Cyclists

And the 3rd most liked post on our social media is this one about strength training for cyclists. Another great post from Eric!

This post highlighted the importance of alternating your sessions by switching the compound hip/knee dominant work around, and to focus on the heavier compound exercises in one session and then on offset/single leg work with more stability challenge in the other session.

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Dr. Alison Grimaldi continued to teach the world about hips

Looking Back at 2022 - Alison Brisbane Workshop
Looking Back at 2022 - Alison Online Workshop

In case you are not aware, Alison has a special passion for the hip and pelvic region, the topic of her PhD, ongoing research, and over 100 workshops provided around the world to physiotherapists and other health and exercise professionals.

With Covid still impacting travel, her workshops were limited for most of the year, but we managed to bring together health professionals from all over Australia for her Brisbane workshops in July. Alison has also provided short workshops in conferences at the Gold Coast and Sydney, online workshops for health professionals from all over the world and online conference presentations or hosted workshops for groups in Spain, Brazil, Ireland, and New Zealand.

Alison continues to run her popular Hip Academy, a community of over 200 health professionals from all over the globe who have a special passion in learning more and helping more people with their hip pain.
Right now, Alison has set out on another adventure, and is headed to London, where she will be holding some more practical workshops for other physiotherapists. We wish Alison all the best with her workshops, and safe travels!
In 2023, she already has teaching tours planned for Canada and the USA, and the UK and Europe, as well as local and online workshops booked. She is keynoting as conferences in Canada & Sweden. It will certainly be a busy year but Alison's passion for furthering knowledge about hip pain only continues to grow.

We Welcomed Our New Site!

Looking Back at 2022 - New PhysioTec Site

In 2022 it was out with the old, and in with the new, as we welcomed our brand-new site. The main focus was a much more user-friendly site, that was able to provide patients with useful information, whilst also making the process of booking with a physio much easier.

The site also welcomed our new condition pages, which seek to make it easier for you to read about common conditions, and then easily find and book with a physio specialised in that condition.

We Brough Back our Popular Pilates Classes!

In 2022, we re-introduced our popular Clinical Pilates classes! With the aim of helping you improve your muscle tone and flexibility, and getting you moving with strength and confidence.

Led by our pilates instructor, Lauren, we bring the opportunity to exercise in a safe, friendly environment with tranquil surrounds.



  • Regain or maintain balance
  • Build bone density
  • While caring for your body


  • For conditioning, control & mobility
  • Rehab or maintenance


Thursday - 1:30pm
Thursday - 3:30pm
Thursday - 5:30pm
Thursday - 6:30pm

Saturday - 8:00am
Saturday - 10:00am
Saturday - 11:00am
Saturday - 12:00pm

Dance Physiotherapy Wrap Up for 2022

Concert Time!

This time of year, dancers are most likely just about to perform in their end of year concert. Concert time is usually associated with extra rehearsals, less time for warm-ups and cool downs, and repeating the same movements over and over again! This means our bodies don’t receive as much care as they especially need during this busy time of year.

The PhysioTec dance team challenges all our dancers to take 3 minutes before classes, rehearsals, or performances during concert time to run through the following quick warm-up to better prepare the body and improve recovery.

Click the button to start the challenge!

A Notable Achievement for Dance Physiotherapy in 2022!

In July, our dance physio Rhianna competed in the Australian Dance Crew Championships (ADCC) with her team Home Run from The Home Base Dance Studio and they took out first place at the Brisbane qualifying round!

Then in August we had some more amazing news! Rhianna and her team competed in the national competition of the Australian Dance Crew Championships (ADCC) held in Sydney, where they ended up winning the competition! Home Run were announced as the champions against each of the crews in their division that came to compete from all over Australia.

This was a great acheivement from our Dance Physio Rhianna, and we are all very proud of her!

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Sports Physiotherapy Wrap Up for 2022


The Pentimento Project Wrap Up for 2022

Enjoy this festive season and extra time with your loved ones. Remember to stay focused on moving forward and living your best life.

Some holiday tips:


1. Breathe Deeply


2. Prioritise Sleep


3. Move Often


4. Repackage Any Stress


5. Eat Whole Foods


6. Be Sun Smart


7. Hydrate

If you or someone you know is affected by cancer and would benefit from an introduction to Julie Allen and The Pentimento Project, please click here to contact the reception team at PhysioTec to arrange for an appointment.

May your New Years dawn bring hope and health.

Love Julie
The Pentimento Project

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