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2021 Wrap Up

Despite the challenges of 2021, at Physiotec we have remained steadfast in our efforts to bring you the best possible health service and committed to helping you return to the things you need to do and most importantly, the things you love you to do. Our Physiotec team has continued to hone their skills with regular group training, individual mentoring and attendance at courses and online conferences. Dr Alison Grimaldi has continued her local and international courses for other health professionals. The international teaching has all been online again this year, but Alison has taught 'virtually' in Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Ireland and Korea and provided regular live meetings for her Hip Academy members from all over the globe.

We have been aiming to keep you up to date with health advice in our regular blogs and newsletters. If you've missed any of these, you might like to visit our blog page. Below you will find a snippet of our top blogs for this year written by our highly skilled team at Physiotec. In this 2021 wrap up, you'll also find an update from the Physiotec Dance team and also from Not Just Bendy and Julie Allen on their services provided at 23 Weller Rd. Hope you enjoy our 2021 wrap up!

Merry Christmas from our PhysioTec team

Alison Grimaldi
Eric Huang
Joanne Manning
Kevin Doan
David Pierce
Rhianna Tunks
Irene Li

Top Blogs of 2021 from our Physiotec Team

The most popular blog of 2021 was: Shall We Dance? - The Health Benefits of Dancing - at any age. Health benefits do not only come from exercising or going to the gym, dancing has been proven to have a wide variety of health benefits. This blog, written by Jo Manning our lead dance physiotherapist, offered great insights into the health benefits of dancing, and how whatever age you are, you can reap the benefits that dancing has to offer.

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Second place of our top blogs of 2021 goes to: Knee Osteoarthritis - Myths vs Facts.  'My scan will show exactly what is causing my knee pain', 'I shouldn’t exercise my knee as it will worsen the damage in my knees', and 'Surgery is required for all cases of osteoarthritis' - are all common myths surrounding knee osteoarthritis. In this blog Kevin Doan, sports physiotherapist, shares some evidence-based facts about knee osteoarthritis and explains why an individualised strengthening programme is so important for cartilage health and maintaining function in those with arthritis

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The 3rd blog to make our Top list of blogs in 2021 is: Music is Physical - The Importance of Exercise for Musicians. Musicians spend much of their time practicing. But how much time is devoted to keeping fit? It is a less-known fact that fitness and exercise are important for musicians too. This blog written by Dave Pierce who has a special interest in assisting musicians, explored the importance of being 'fit to play'.


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And the 4th blog to make our Top list of blogs in 2021 is: Whole-Body Strength Training - For Cyclists. Many cyclists, in a bid to to improve their cycling performance, focus on exercises that target the legs. After all - stronger legs means more power on the bike. And there's certainly no shortage of leg workouts for cyclists on the internet. But is that all you really need? This blog was written by our highly experienced Cycling Physio, Eric Huang, where he discusses the importance of whole-body strength training for cycling performance and injury prevention.

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Dance Physiotherapy Wrap up for 2021

Our dance physiotherapy service has gone from strength to strength this year. Jo Manning is our wonderful clinical lead for our Dance physiotherapy services,  and she was joined this year by Rhianna Tunks, who brings her street dancing experience to the team.

Here's a few things about Jo & Rhianna that you might not know:

Joanne Manning - Physiotec Dance Physiotherapy Clinical Lead

Joanne graduated from the University of Queensland in 2014 with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy Honours Class l. A skilled dancer, choreographer and director, Joanne forged a highly successful career internationally and more specifically on Broadway before transitioning to a career in physiotherapy. Joanne has had an extensive career within physiotherapy,  in both private practice and hospital settings. We are honoured to have Joanne as our clinical lead for the Dance Team at PhysioTec. Joanne is also very happy to treat non-dancers, with special interests in the hip, back and lower limb (knee, ankle foot, thigh & calf).

Rhianna Tunks - Physiotec Dance Physiotherapy Team

Rhianna joined our Dance team in June this year after completing a full-time commercial dance course in Sydney. Rhianna is passionate about street dance, currently training and competing with the Home Base. She enjoys treating all kinds of dancers with experience working with young ballerinas just starting their dance journey to professionals in the industry including the Dream Dance Company. Rhianna is enthusiastic about helping pre-professional dancers get the most out of their training as she understands the sudden increase in demand on the body and the impact this can have on a dancer’s experience during full-time training. Rhianna is also available for pre-pointe profiles for those preparing to commence pointe training soon, dancers that may expecting to start pointe next year or dancers already training en pointe that want to improve their technique. Rhianna is also happy to treat musculoskeletal pain and injury in non-dancers.

Dave Pierce also has a wealth of experience in management of pain and injury in performing artists. He continues to assist with our dancers, although his main focus is now on musicians and optimising sports performance through the use of technology for athlete assessment and biofeedback.

Hoping to progress onto pointe next year? Now is the time to start preparing.

As the sun begins to set on 2021, dance classes wind down and students embark upon their summer holidays. Leotards are replaced by swimmers and the ballet shoes are left in the back of the cupboard. If your child is one of those excited young dancers hoping to begin pointe in 2022, then a pre-pointe profile is highly recommended, and this is an ideal time!

During a typical profile, we look at the strength of the legs, ankles, and feet as well as control and alignment. We look at the flexibility of the dancer – too much flexibility without the control can be just as problematic as too little. We’ll also assess stability around the trunk and check their balance – both so important for pointe work. Finally, we take a history of the dancers training and any injuries.

It’s not uncommon to find elements that need addressing before pointe work is commenced and the school holidays can provide an ideal time for the dancer to work on any potential issues. We will provide an individualized exercise program for the dancer, teach the exercises, and take time to explain why they are important. We’ll then schedule a follow up session to see how the dancer is progressing.

Our dance physios, Jo and Rhianna, understand how important and exciting making that step onto pointe can be for young dancers and are here to help them in achieving that goal as safely and successfully as possible. Call now to book in for Pre-Pointe Profile and get the dream started!

For advice on prevention of dance injuries, or for rehabilitation and treatment of dance injuries, make an appointment with Rhianna or Joanne today.

Call 3342 4284 or Click Here to book

Not Just Bendy Hypermobility Services 2021 Wrap Up

Not Just Bendy Hypermobility Services provides services to those with complex hypermobility issues, within the Physiotec building at 23 Weller Rd, Tarragindi. After opening in mid- 2020 Not Just Bendy Hypermobility Services has continued to grow quickly in 2021.

We started the year with three physiotherapists (Sharon, Dr Chen and Marlisa) working with our complex hypermobility population.  Then this year we welcomed four highly skilled and experienced physiotherapists to our team: Belinda, Lucy, April and Maria.  We have also welcomed Rosalind for administrative help behind the scenes.

Our in-service training program (for our physio team) this year has focused on making connections with allied health professionals interested in this area.  We have had speakers on a wide range of topics from podiatry, hand conditions, braces and wheelchairs.  Five members of our team also attended the online program from the Ehlers Danlos Society called Allied Health EDS Echo immersing themselves in the frontline research and clinical knowledge from experts in their fields. Sharon has also been working on mentoring and teaching physiotherapists and other allied health professionals about hypermobility – to work towards the goal of a greater understanding of this issue in South East Queensland and Australia.  Sharon also recorded a podcast, presented at the Australian Physiotherapy association and provided training to many other physiotherapy practices.

NJB team trying out some new skills with Paint & Sip team building.

(From the left: Sharon, Lucy, April, Belinda, Rosalind, Marlisa, Maria.  Absent Chen).

Next year will bring new challenges and relationships with our first Exercise Physiologist joining the team at Not Just Bendy – Avery Wu.  Some of you may already know Avery as one of PhysioTec’s pilates instructors.  Avery will be available for individual or small group pilates or strengthening programs for our hypermobile clients from January 2021.

The team at Not Just Bendy Hypermobility Services wish you and your loved one and safe and happy Christmas season and look forward to helping you achieve your goals in 2022.

The Pentimento Project 2021 Wrap Up

Julie Allen provides cancer care services within the Physiotec building at 23 Weller Rd, Tarragindi. This year, despite COVID and lockdowns, The Pentimento Project has had the opportunity to engage with people on the cancer continuum more than ever before and I am so very grateful. It has been both challenging and rewarding to embrace the available technologies and enter more homes virtually. Importantly, it has also coincided with people using these unprecedented times to prioritise their health, exercise, and wellness goals.

In collaboration with Leukaemia Foundation, I have had the opportunity to record podcasts and information series, contribute to the development of a much-awaited App for Blood Cancer patients and present webinars on The Physical Impacts of Cancer, to approximately 400 participants. Excitedly, the podcast will launch nationally on your podcast app on December 15 as part of the Leukaemia Foundations series, Talking Blood Cancer. If you would also like to access the webinar information, it will eventually be available online and I will include the link in our newsletter as it becomes available.

As the year draws to a close, I’d like to thank every person that I have had the absolute honour and pleasure to meet and treat through The Pentimento Project this year.  I have loved helping to guide you towards achieving your goals. Many of you, I have known for a while, whilst others are new acquaintances, but you have all made such a lasting impression.   I am always amazed and in awe of your willingness to be open and honest with me and allow me to walk beside you in often extremely vulnerable circumstances.  I wish you all a truly blessed and magical Christmas filled with joy, peace, and love.  May the New Year be one of new beginnings, continued hope and optimism and the drive to keep you moving forward beyond your cancer experience. 

Much love, Julie Allen, The Pentimento Project

And that's a wrap for 2021! 

Thank you to all our wonderful patients, referrers and other readers for supporting us through 2021.
Have a wonderful Christmas and we look forward to helping you towards a happy, healthy 2022.
Enjoy some downtime, spend precious time with family and friends and recharge the batteries for the year ahead.
See you then,


Dr Alison Grimaldi,
Practice Principal Physiotec