At PhysioTec

We get you moving

At PhysioTec

We get you moving

Introducing PhysioTec

PhysioTec is a premier Brisbane physiotherapy clinic, based in Tarragindi, that is run by leading physiotherapist, educator & researcher Dr Alison Grimaldi.  Established in 2005 with her husband Nunz, their overall vision is to provide high-quality, individualised care to each and every person.  Our physiotherapy clinic, PhysioTec, is unique in that it offers much higher level skills and technology to assist in rehabilitation and the provision of physiotherapy services.  PhysioTec physiotherapists have expertise in musculoskeletal  and sports physiotherapy and have special interest areas in hip and pelvic pain, dance injuries, hypermobility, safe strength and conditioning and sports performance. Our all-inclusive musculoskeletal and sports physio clinic offers more than most other physiotherapy Brisbane clinics around.  Listed below are the types of physiotherapy and services offered at PhysioTec with a brief description of how each can help you in your journey.

We keep our knowledge current, to ensure we provide you with the highest quality care

We believe in providing you with relief as quickly as possible and finding any underlying causes, to keep you moving for the longer term

Our primary aims are to help you reach your personal goals and to live the life you love

Types of physiotherapy we provide

Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy

At PhysioTec, we can help you overcome or more effectively manage pain, stiffness and mobility issues, working with you to restore your ability to return to work, sport, or a better quality of life.

Hip Physiotherapy

Our clinic has special expertise in assessment and management of hip pain. For over 17 years the team at PhysioTec has been helping large numbers of clients with hip and pelvic pain.

Dance Physiotherapy

We offer a wide range of dance physiotherapy, including; dance injury assessment & rehabilitation, pre-pointe assessment, real time ultrasound muscle training, and dance specific strengthening.

Sports Physiotherapy

Physiotec has developed a team of highly skilled physiotherapists with a wealth of experience in advanced level rehabilitation and injury prevention, critical for successful return to sport.

Physiotherapy for Hypermobility

Hypermobility refers to people who are extra-mobile or flexible. Being bendy certainly has its advantages but can result in pain for some. Our physio's can help you protect your joints and stay active.

Cancer Care

Julie Allen of the Pentimento Project provides tailored and specific physiotherapy solutions, to assist you in incorporating movement, exercise and activity back into your day

Types of services we provide

Diagnosis - Finding your pain source

Diagnosis - Finding the source of your problem

For optimal outcomes, particularly in the longer term, we believe it is important to understand your condition - to determine the source of your pain or functional difficulty, and identify any underlying causes. We do this with a thorough patient interview, taking the time to listen to critical clues you have for us, and a detailed physical assessment. We also consider your xray or scan results, and whether they are relevant or not to your current symptoms.

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Hands-on Treatment - massage and joint mobilisations

We provide hands-on treatments like massage and joint mobilisations as appropriate, to provide you with rapid relief or improvements in mobility and function. Hands-on treatment can be very effective for some conditions and less useful for others. Your physiotherapist will work with you to determine if and which hand-on treatments might help provide you with relief and achieve your goals.

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Rehabilitation - Individualised advice, exercise and support

Our team will provide you with individualised advice and support and a graduated exercise program to address your specific problems and the underlying issues that have been identified. It is important for you to understand your condition, what things in your everyday life or sport are contributing, and how you can change these things to bring your problem under control. We will be there to support you and rebuild your confidence to reclaim your quality of life.

Pre Pointe

A focused and individualized profile should be conducted by a physiotherapist with extensive dance knowledge. This is to ensure that the ballet dancer has the technique, strength, and control to participate safely and effectively on pointe. Our assessment include;  a dancer interview, range of motion through the lower limbs, overall flexibility, abdominal or core strength, strength, alignment, control, basic ballet technique. If we find elements that need work, we will develop an individualized exercise program with the dancer to address any deficits. We’ll take time to explain corrections & teach specific exercises, making sure the dancer understands why addressing these issues is important.

Group Exercise & Pilates

At PhysioTec 23 Weller Road Tarragindi, we offer small group exercise classes to help you achieve your physical goals, and to enhance your rehabilitation. Group classes are also a great way to stay engaged and motivated and to make connections. A smile and a laugh with others while working out in a gym with a lovely green outlook can be just the tonic you need.

Gym Training

PhysioTec has 2 large gym spaces, as our physiotherapists believe in an active approach to your rehabilitation. We don't just tell you what to do, but supervise your exercise performance. This ensures you have the correct technique and the confidence to continue your exercise at home or at your own gym. We have both a strength and conditioning gym and a Pilates gym.

Strength & Conditioning

Building adequate strength and physical conditioning is important when rehabilitating from injury. Some prefer to exercise at home and others like or need to exercise at the gym. Train in safety with one of our physio's or let us help you develop a program for your own gym. Our GymStart Program is available for those starting out at the gym or returning to the gym after injury.

Physio Bike Fitting

Physio bike fitting is a way of objectively assessing your motion and muscular involvement throughout your ride so that you can prevent injuries and improve your performance. Bike fitting can also get you back in the saddle or able to cycle for longer without pain. Check out the further information about our Bike Fitting service, and book today.

Running Assessments and Rehabilitation

At PhysioTec, you can overcome your injuries, improve your performance, and help to improve your effectiveness in your run. The running rehabilitation services include state-of-the-art video and accelerometer assessments to assess and help you improve your running technique (kinematics and kinetics).

Real Time Ultrasound

Real time ultrasound allows your physiotherapist to know exactly how you are activating and co-ordinating your muscles, particularly the deep muscles that surround and support your joints. Our physiotherapists have been trained in using real time ultrasound all around the body, to optimise your exercise success. Our clinic in Brisbane, is one of the few to have access to multiple machines and these higher level skills.

Technology assisted assessments

Technology continues to advance in the field of movement and muscle assessment. PhysioTec embraces technologies that can provide helpful insights and an ability to measure more specific facets of function that can't be quantified with simple observation or palpation. We use Vimove accelerometers for our running assessments and can also measure lumbar spine motion with this system. We use dynamometry and force platforms for measuring muscle strength, power and physical performance. Real time ultrasound technology also provides a unique opportunity for detailed assessment of muscle health and co-ordination.

Vi Move, Humantrak, Dynamometry, AxiT

Your exercises via a free App

Have you previously struggled with stick figure drawings of your home exercises? At PhysioTec, we have professionally recorded hundreds of our own videos and can provide your exercises as both videos and printable pdfs. Videos of your home exercises are so much more effective in ensuring correct exercise technique. This avoids wasted time or flare-ups from incorrect technique. We will build your individualised exercise plan within a free App called PhysiApp. You can access via your mobile device or your computer. Not keen on technology? No problem, we can also provide pdfs with colour photographs and detailed typed descriptions of your home exercises.

Ways to Access Physiotherapy Treatment


Come & visit our friendly team at 23 Weller Rd, Tarragindi


Can't make it to the clinic? No problem,  we can organise to meet you online


Need cancer care at home? Julie Allen provides some options for home visits. Enquire here

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About PhysioTec

PhysioTec Physiotherapy was established in Tarragindi in 2005 by Dr Alison Grimaldi and her husband Nunz, Director. Their vision was to provide clients with an individualised management plan using skilled assessment and clinical reasoning techniques, implemented with cutting edge, evidence based treatment strategies.

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