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Physiotec is a premier physiotherapy Brisbane clinic, based in Tarragindi, that is run by leading physiotherapist, educator & researcher Dr. Alison Grimaldi.  Established in 2005 with her husband Nunzio, their overall vision is to provide high-quality, individualised care to each and every person.  Our physiotherapy clinic, Physiotec, is unique in that it offers much higher level skills and technology to assist in rehabilitation and the provision of physiotherapy services.  Physiotec physiotherapists have expertise in musculoskeletal  and sports physiotherapy and have special interest areas in hip and pelvic pain, dance injuries, hypermobility, safe strength and conditioning and sports performance. Our all-inclusive musculoskeletal and sports physio clinic offers more than most other physiotherapy Brisbane clinics around.  Listed below are the services offered at Physiotec with a brief description of how each can help you in your journey.


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Hip And Groin Pain Prevention And Rehabilitation.

Hip pain is a common problem among older adults, aging adults, and for those who regularly perform repetitive motions such as running, jumping, and for those with genetic conditions. Grimaldi uses a top-notch approach in hip and groin pain in that every patient and client goes through a thorough, individialised assessment to establish the best care.  Dr. Grimaldi and her team are highly specialised in hip and groin treatment, so there is passion in the treatment process.

Dancing Assessments And Rehabilitation

Dancing is a highly skilled exercise and many young adults seek therapy following an injury or to improve performance.  With the use of a dynamic biomechanical assessment, our highly experienced dance Physiotherapists at Physiotec, Joanne Manning and David Peirce are able to find which specific areas need attention to return to dance, improve performance and prevent injuries.  Jo and Dave provide PrePointe Assessments and Tertiary Profiling for those about start pointe work or a tertiary programme.

Hypermobility Services

Our sports physio professionals are experts in pain rehabilitation and one of the most common issues with joint pain is hypermobility.  Hypermobility is when a specific joint moves greater than a normal range of motion, which can cause strain and pain in that particular joint space.  For a fair percentage of the population, hypermobility pain tends to go untreated, which can cause more pain and issues in the joint.  Consider a thorough assessment of your joints to see if you have pain that is associated with hypermobility.

Pilates Classes

Pilates is a highly specialised form of exercise that promotes optimal tone and flexibility in your muscles.  In other words, this form of exercise is a way to train your muscles to be stronger through a greater range of motion, which is important for lower back pain, leg pain, as well as injuries throughout your body.  High quality equipment Pilates exercise cannot be found in many public gyms, so get the best results and stay safe under the care of a highly qualified and experienced professional.

Physio Bike Fitting

If you are a cyclist then you may find these services crucial to your performance and longevity in the sport.  Physio bike fitting is a way of objectively assessing your motion and muscular involvement throughout your ride so that you can prevent injuries and improve your performance.  These services are not found commonly in the public so this is quite a treat in injury prevention.

Running Training And Rehabilitation

Running is a widely popular exercise that many people use to improve health, cardiovascular health, as well as free the mind from the day’s activities. However, running is a highly repetitive exercise that can certainly cause pain and injuries.  At Physiotec, you can overcome your injuries, improve your performance, and help to improve your effectiveness in your run.  The running rehabilitation services include state-of-the-art video assessments to determine your running stride and biomechanics.

Full Gym With Fitness Classes & One-on-one Personal Training

Offering a gym to the clients provides an atmosphere that enables the client to truly reach success.  Think of it this way; you make your way to your rehabilitation, your session ends, and then you go to the gym to strengthen other parts of your body for a better lifestyle.  This is a pretty sweet deal and it can help to further your success in your treatment.

Women’s Health And Wellness

An up and coming rehabilitation technique in the physiotherapy world is Women’s health and wellness, which involves training of the pelvic floor muscles in the female adult. Geared specifically towards incontinence, Physiotec offers pelvic floor training to help strengthen the muscles that control incontinence, which is provided by female health physio, Irene Li.  Women of all ages should consider these services if incontinence is a concern.

Cancer Treatment And Management

Cancer is one of the leading causes of death worldwide and it can certainly create pain and weakness throughout the body, especially when the client has been through chemotherapy.  Physiotec offers more than physical care; as much of the cancer care at Physiotec involves emotional, psychological, and spiritual aspects as well.  This is truly a great service to use for anyone with cancer and it is a great way for the client to seek support throughout the entire cancer process.

Vimove Technology Services

Physiotec uses sensors to objectively sense your muscular activity and this technology is used often here.  If you have one muscle group working more than another and it is leading to pain, then the ViMove can help to pin-point this particular spot.  This is important for runners, cyclists, and for any musculoskeletal issue that has been nagging you. With the use of a biomechanical and dynamic assessment, Physiotec is able to find which specific areas need strengthened to improve performance and prevent injuries.

Whole Body Vibration Therapy

Whole body vibration is a growing treatment option for people with joint pain and it can benefit your health in many ways.  Whole body vibration therapy, offered by Physiotec, can help to improve blood circulation, improve the overall function of your muscles, improve bone density, and promote balance.  There are many purposes for the whole body vibration technique not listed, but it can help to boost your overall health in many ways.

CTP Insurance Claims

PhysioTec offers physiotherapy for Motor Vehicle Accident patients. We are able to send the accounts directly to the Insurance Company provided an approval has been obtained for any treatment in writing from the Insurance Company prior. Your initial physiotherapy session will involve a thorough assessment and development of a treatment plan. Once your planned physiotherapy sessions have been completed, your physiotherapist may request further treatment sessions from the Insurance company as required.